Before it’s too Late!!!

So I have this issue that I have recently been forced to adjust to regardless of my mind, belief, thought process, teachings, loves, hates, or anything else in my environment that is subject to opinion. I have watched all kinds of videos, news casts, vlogs, and reading things across the net. I really wish I didn’t have to see all the tear jerking stories of killings, suicides, and bullying over what…? Well it was women, then it was color, then it was religion, then it was equal treatment in the military, now it’s LGBTQ issues in schools. When is this subjective pointless matter going to cease? We should be worried about jobs, education, homelessness, and violence. Why all of a sudden is our country focused so hard on such pointless stupidity? I mean obviously I base my own words on my own opinions, but being on FB and getting all these forwards and “likes” or “dislikes” or governmental bills just really put a sour taste in my mouth.

Gay Marriage in San Francisco
Gay Marriage in San Francisco (Photo credit: Dave Schumaker)

I wake up every day and wonder how I’m going to pay today’s bills, what meal my children will eat, what I can do to make their day better at school, how I’m getting to work so I can pay my bills, and what I can do to make my animals live another day healthy. I don’t know if I should be ashamed or rightfully pissed by the fact that some people seem to wake up and think “how can I make life more difficult for others today?” I swear some people just wake up with a “Joker” smile on their face and start their plan of world destruction one racist or contradictory issue at a time. I have seen bills being passed that make no sense to the real issues in Michigan. I have seen laws attempted that just seemed to “lock down” our people even more than what they finally got used to. I see more and more news casts of governors, senators, mayors, and other officials that seem to be playing in the mess we have like “children” instead of getting the correct step by step plan to clean it all up. We are all willing to be a part of it… we are just waiting for everyone to stop playing in the mess making what they think are, “pretty pictures” and actually open the closet of “fix-its” to work on a solution for cleanup.

I witness my children on a daily basis trying to not be a part of all this “negative” energy. I have raised them day by day with the confidence of “free thinking” and “chivalry” as well as their own “mark” in life. Here’s the breakdown:

My oldest boy is a very special boy. He’s highly intelligent and given the right chance can be anyone’s best friend. Not the most common sense out there, but once he does get something he’s sharp as a Ginsu. He’s trying so hard to be his own and still come off like a “boy” everyday. He’s not into cars, trucks, wrestling, football, or anything of the sort. However; he does claim there’s some girls’ he likes and is afraid he will never be given the “time of day”.

Mohawk (Photo credit: miskan)

He wants his Mohawk, his earring, his skull jewelry and clothing, and his colored socks. To anyone else this wouldn’t seem so bad, except my son is very unique and a perfectionist OCD on top of it. He’s made fun of all the time!! He goes through a daily struggle to try to be himself without getting caught up in the “popularity” issues. I preach to him all the time that school work is more important and not to worry about the rest at this point, but I know down deep it is. I remember being in school and how hard it was to focus on work when your “social life” sucked. So I am not allowing the earring, colored socks, or Mohawk. However; I am fully supportive of the skull kick. (Boys will be boys)

Now there’s my youngest boy. He’s all boy and then some!! He loves cars, trucks, mud, wrestling, people, sports, and all sorts of stuff. He goes to school with full confidence of his appearance, attitude, friends, and many other things. He’s only 5 and has the wits, common sense, and intelligence of 8 or 9. He gets along with anyone and everyone and everyone loves him!!! He does get a few challenges here and there with bully’s and does everything in his power to not react in a negative manner; however with his temper it’s real hard to manage any negative attention. Being the boy of all boys, he still loves to “dress up” all the time and will in a heartbeat if it means to have fun. He likes to have make-up put on him, wear dresses, dress shoes, be whatever character the “play” calls for with no issue. He doesn’t care if anyone makes fun of him or talks down to him because of it! Talk about a turnaround from the first right?

My girl is not actually my girl, but I love her just the same. She’s all tomboy!! She loves her cars, trucks, mud, wrestling, and skorts. She’s not really into make up or cute dresses and thinks “valley girls” are a joke. However, she has her good sort of crushes on boys and can still appreciate a good tune from Pink or Lady Gaga.

Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa (Photo credit: ama_lia)

She loves to sing and dance and draw. This doesn’t keep her from being protective over her “brothers” though. She will stand to a fight for any reason she feels the need and is strong in her own mind on many political issues. She’s a strong reader and very mature for her age to say the least.

My middle boy again not actually mine, but love him all the same. He’s all boy in its entire definition, but completely oblivious to any issues outside of his two moms and his two brothers. His angelic innocence in today’s cruel world keeps everyone with a keen eye to what really matters in our family. He loves his skirts (on girls) and his cars (Fast n Furious). He’s very intelligent and has proven any child has a chance at life without medicine with the right amount of patience, love, understanding, and of course time. Regardless of what the world of doctors and teachers kept pushing. He’s doing GREAT!!!

So with all of this in mind, each of the children have a household of two moms and a dad or “sperm donor” somewhere out there. They each get to face every day with the chance of being ridiculed for their lives and what they are about. They each go into each door of their life with the pride of their particular self and situation. I have been very blessed with the understanding and love these children have shown and supported.

So when I read these articles and see these news broadcasts of “gay” TV or whatever the media wants to tear apart at that point in time, it really makes me sit back and wonder what we’ve come from and what we are going into. I do everything I can not to push my political, religious, or moral beliefs on my children. I don’t believe in curving their thought process for my own interest or good of life. I give them the facts that I know or will find out when they ask and I let them form their own ideas or opinions on it. I am lucky in the fact that I don’t have real TV. My kids’ interests and views are not pushed in different directions from little hidden cues or lessons of commercials or TV shows. I screen cartoons and TV shows before allowing them to watch them so that I know they are not being brainwashed into thinking certain things are important when they aren’t.

Shaggy and Scooby
Shaggy and Scooby (Photo credit: Just Us 3)

For instance, I grew up on Scooby Doo! I used to love watching the mysteries unravel and become solved by some real detective work and in a sense felt that I got to be a part of an awesome adventure. I have watched it lately and frankly I don’t want my kids watching it. For some reason, the creators of that cartoon felt it important to make “likeness” and “dating” a part of a show for kids. Why should my five-year old wonder if Daphne and Fred would be a good couple? Am I crazy for thinking this? Maybe so…. But I didn’t watch the show waiting to see who was going to date who or who was going to kiss who. Our children’s minds are shaped by their environment. That means their entire environment!! This includes their parents, teachers, TV shows, cartoons, movies, friends’, and even commercials. Heck, even toys and what they teach are a part of our kids’ minds. We have extreme scientists that will go far and beyond to create the best of the best toys for our children. They will make sure they are safe, creative, thought-provoking, colorful, and at best fun. For some reason our TV shows and cartoons don’t seem to get the same care. This upsets me and I try to explain to my children on a daily basis why I don’t allow certain things in the home. These things should be introduced when the basics of life have been at least mostly mastered. There are ages for these things. I don’t feel my girl should spend an hour in her room before going to school wondering if her “butt looks big” or if her lips are “perfect” for some cuties to notice.

I don’t wear makeup often if at all. When I did I was a model and did it for money to further my career. I had this little dream in my head that natural beauty mattered, but just needed help every now and then with some feminine touches such as make up. Then I got a huge wakeup call!!! I started getting headaches and migraines from the weight of my hair being way past my butt and made the decision that I was finally going to cut it. images4Wow!!!! I was not only warned if I did that my modeling career was over, I was also led to believe my long beautiful locks of hair is what made me a Native American Beauty. All of a sudden I had girls that were paying attention to me, drop me like a hot rock. My connections in the modeling world wouldn’t allow contact anymore. My family looked down on me because I no longer looked Native. Needless to say I quit my modeling career opportunities and stopped with the feminine touches. I soon began to realize that all the media pushing for beauty was nothing a bunch of rich people feeding off of poor low confidence women and girls all over the world.

It was nothing to look at a “girls” magazine and see tips on dating and beauty and do’s and don’ts with guys. I soon realized in the end all this hype of beauty was to impress guys!!! Which I wasn’t even into guys to begin with. I had to seriously step back and wonder why I had put myself through hours of looking perfect for a camera and then wonder why no one recognized me afterward.. I have done everything I can to stress “beauty is on the inside” to my kids. I have stressed for years of individuality and creativity in all aspects that I can find possible. I fully believe each of my children have their own gift and when they find it, as I have found mine, they will shine bright as can be regardless of their sex, religion, race, beliefs, or political stand points.

All these stories put tears in my eyes! All these children and adults that are convicted of crimes and ridiculed and punished for their entire lives just because they are trying to be what they feel is right and natural, just tears me apart in every way imaginable! I can’t believe what has become so important to people these days. WebPages make so much newsworthy money off of these stories and broadcasts and then don’t even seem to do anything about it. I know laws and bills take time, but I have noticed certain laws and bills be passed without a thought process about it regardless of what the “people” have stated they wanted. Yet, these other issues that float in the back seem to go unnoticed or not as “important” at this point. So if it’s not important now, why even write about it?

Crime Scene
Crime Scene (Photo credit: freefotouk)

Why the news casts? Why all the media attention on a subject that bring tears to so many eyes in understanding as well as regret? If the equality bills aren’t that important, then why show so many stories that have to do with teenage suicides because there wasn’t any equality pushed or put into place? Why high light all these movie stars, musicians, political heroes, and families across the nation and each individuals story of hate, love, torture, “coming out”, “staying in”, or whatever else comes to mind or heart?

Is this the money that made? Magazines sell better when these stories are told? TV shows get more views when these type of stories are told? Commercials get better ratings when our stories are shown to the world? Cartoons are more addictive or comprehensive when there’s a twist of this type of story in it? Our favorite hero’s of television and Hollywood sell more merchandise when they seem supportive of this huge “epidemic” type situation? How many suicides is it going to take to get past news worthy and come to a serious issue that needs betters laws or bills put into place? How much younger do our children have to be before these “adult” issues of society are not secretly placed in their TV shows or cartoons?

We say all the time how important it is to form our children’s future with the “right” things to do and say. We say all the time that our children are our country’s future. We say all the time that our children will one day shape our society and be the decision makers of our country. How can they be and do all this when we can’t even allow the truth to them from the beginning? Beauty is on the inside!

Who we are as people is not defined by what God we believe in,

Who we are as people is not defined by what we wear,

Who we are as people is not defined by what we eat,

Who we are as people is not defined by who we love,

Who we are as people is defined by the exit of the womb. It’s defined by our environment in its entirety. It’s defined by what we are taught by our parental figures. It’s defined by who or what we are allowed to be as ourselves inside.

I want my children to be everything they want to be!!! I want them to follow whatever dreams they feel their little heart’s desire!!!! I want my children to know I support them regardless of their decision of love, religion, lifestyle, or belief!!! I want them to be able to look way down deep in their hearts and know in the end they are being completely and utterly true to themselves regardless of what anybody thinks or feels and know that I am here and always will be 100%!!!!

I hope for our future childrens’ sake, that the world will one day redefine what’s important and be able to show our children as early as possible. I hope that one day all children can go to school or their home in the confidence of being themselves and know way down deep…. That’s all that matters!!!!

Prayers (Photo credit: Xerones)

I pray for all the families who have lost someone dear to them whether man or woman, boy or girl because of our worldly hate and cruelty of the LGBTQ world. I pray that they have the strength to continue on with their days with the knowledge of, “please forgive them, for they know not what they do”. I’m not religious in any sense, but I know there’s a higher power somewhere and because of that higher power I’m blessed with 3 beautiful children, a wonderful supportive loving partner, and a great “one a kind” dad. I couldn’t ask for more in a material sense, but I do suggest in a physical and mental sense that more mothers and fathers realize, “what’s really important” ….

….. Before it’s too late…. Once more….


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