Off My Chest!!!

[ Jealousy ]
[ Jealousy ] (Photo credit: αвву (definiytely NOT HERE ANYMORE, ya know?))
Holy Mynolies!!!!! Is it really happening? I am almost complete on my book and of course… My very “tiny” impatient ass (better violet? Better warrior princess?) started sending out letters of enquiry to agents and publishers. Well in just a couple of days time, I received a response telling me they would be happy to look at my first three chapters of my memoir. So who were these lucky people who are taking a look at my awesome life story from beginning? Magnus Books! They have many titles and cater very well to the LGBTQ community. Even if I don’t get published by them, the turnaround expected was 6 weeks for response and I got one in just a few days. Well, at least I know my letter must be on the right track. Yay me!!!! It gives credit to about 4 hours of research on how to write letters for proposal. Tired tired eyes, but it’s worth it now… knowing I’ve done something right.

I’ve had a couple of people asking me about my book and telling me how excited they are to actually get to read it. All I have to say is, if you can’t handle the TRUTH… you don’t want to read it. The truth as I see it or remember it, may be hard for some to handle, but in the end… I did what I felt was right. I am happy to say my wonderful editor and I are down to the last couple of chapters and should with all hope actually be ready for reviewers by the end of the month. I have a good few in line that I feel will be able to give a very open-minded constructive review of the book and will be asking for permission to put their review in the cover of the book with their name and title. If you are one of my trusty open-minded readers of this lovely thoughtful open-minded truthful fun blog (lol had to see how far you would keep reading my bs), and you would be interested in reviewing the completed book with a release to use your review in further publications as well as on the book itself, please let me know. Maginkwa (at) g mail

Go ahead and send me an email with Magnus Books in the subject followed by the name of this blog. That way I can weed out spam and only the serious readers will get through. I have my email set to save my Magnus Book emails, so that will help me.

Now on to other things in my life, my canker sore which feels like it’s created this humongous crater in my mouth right by my lip and it’s causing huge friction between me and the loved one. The Wife is getting a little edgy these days because she can’t get her loveys from me and I can’t even really participate in anything over a simple peck on the lips cause it hurts way too badly!! It seems to be taking forever to get this thing healed and it’s totally pissing us both off!!!

Otherwise, my new babysitter is the bomb diggity! When there’s no Papa she’s definitely got her eggs all in one basket. She very outgoing with them and actually spends time with them, she’s disciplinary without too much too far and her energies are screaming good person. The kids love her and almost seemed to be impatient with wanting to go back all the time. She takes them all over the place and just about treats them as her own. Such a totally cool find and glad FB helped me out on that one.

So, here’s an off the wall type of question. How do you handle your other half spending time with an X of theirs who was also a “play mate” and BFF? No problem right? You know everything is secure and you trust your other half without any issues right? Ok, bump in the road… what if the BFF flirts majorly and your other half seems to push it off as “playing around” or “harmless”? Again, no problem right? So why am I having these severe mental issues even thinking about it? I don’t allow my X’s to flirt with me at all! I’m taken and they have finally come to see that. I don’t allow my FB’s to flirt with me either; so once again there should be no problem right? Wait, then why are we allowing this BFF to flirt and saying it’s ok…  (I step back and try to breathe)

I can be a jealous person if someone gives me good reason to be. I would rather not have any reason and it hurts to even put my mind in that direction, but even though it can be healthy to be a jealous person here and there. Did that make any sense? I’m not having jealousy issues because I chose to think of a bad situation that could happen between two individuals, I’m having jealousy issues because I’m forced to be simplistic in the idea that this person flirting with my lovely lady is allowed cause that’s the type of person he is. Hmmm… heard this one before but no judge and no jury. However; tad bit irritated that’s all it takes to allow someone to flirt with you…. “It’s just the type of person” he/she is. Well, at least it’s followed with, “They mean no harm”. That makes it all better … right?

Any who… I felt like getting this stuff off of my chest and now my lip is killing me again… so off to more orajel and time to do more research for my memoir. .. Muuuaaaahhh to my loveyz!!!!