Balls of steel

If there is any way that I could describe what feeling it is when someone picks up your writing and looks at you with this awww, I would write an entire book about that. I’ve been getting some interesting comments about my book. I have heard its like learning jujitsu from the matrix, I have heard its deep an intense, I have heard it’s an emotional rollercoaster, I have heard so many different descriptions of my book so far including

I couldn’t put it down

I have two different publishers looking at it right now, I also have a couple magazines looking at it right now, I have nd Movie Maker looking at it right now, and I have a couple of my associates looking at it right now. I’m hoping for someone to give me a very deep intense very detailed thorough review on my Amazon and the most honest down to earth revealing way. I know it’s going to take a lot of patience and time to see if this book actually touches the amount of people that I hope it touches. I tried to see if my local bookstore would carry it, but they would only do it on consignment. The other bookstore said Amazon where my book is available at competition. So they wouldn’t carry it. If I were to ever have an actual publisher they said to come on back and they would carry it and help me as a local author push my book.

Song noticing decision of possible marriage is coming to michigan. Not just any marriage but legalize gay marriage, lesbian marriage, or should I just say humans you love each other marriage. If I could just figure out how to afford life itself at this point in time, I would be more than happy to be excited I’m ecstatic and in tune with the idea that gay marriage legalized is right around the corner. I have tattoos planned, I have parties planned, I have family outings planned, I have more book ideas planned, I have so many things that are planned persay, but life itself is expensive. Paying bills is expensive, making sure we have lights is expensive, making sure we have food is expensive, making sure we have gas to ride to work 5 days a week is expensive, making sure we have clothes on their back and beds to sleep in is very expensive. Paying cash out of pocket for food because we don’t qualify for food stamps when we have easy a good $1,300 and deals alone that’s not including gas back and forth to work or prescriptions or just our basic needs of hygiene. To be honest it’s more expensive to just live to just survive now then it has been in quite a while. We all have plans that we want to do these awesome , big, or extravagant things to make ourselves that much more happy or content, but then when we set back and see how much money gets scraped out of whatever corner we can find it to just survive it’s ridiculous. There are so many people sitting back counting down days and weeks until the minimum wage is finally razed to where the local poverty line is actually real again and the right people will get the help that they need.

I’m not stupid and I’m not dumb and I know the world is that one of the largest struggles that has saying with a liter that honestly seems to balance back and forth from ear pressure 2 family wisdom two particles standby she needs to put their $0.02 N. I know I think it’s ridiculous that are high government officials get paid so much money that honestly I don’t think they can do the jobs that half of us normal Americans do. I don’t think they can handle getting treated like crap everyday from customers to just make a dollar. I don’t think they could handle cleaning up after some of the most disgusting people out there just to make a dollar. I don’t think they can handle what it takes to serve 220 to 300 customers In a four or five hour time frame with them screaming and hollering at you and calling you names and all you can do is smile and say have a nice day. I wish these government officials would have to live like us with our income and our jobs with our bills and our struggles for one year. They say when they get elected as they come from some type of poor background or some type of struggle, but let’s be honest how hard is it for the lower class unrecognized poor people to get noticed or to be taken seriously? How hard is it for our paychecks to last outside of making sure we have homes to live in or lights to see with or heat to keep us warm?

So yes I’m very excited and looking forward 2 the recent possibility of legalizing equal marriage for parties that love and care for each other and want to spend the rest of their lives doing just that. I’m very excited that there’s a possibility one day my lovely fiance and my children and I could one day B a real family by paperwork and state governing. In fact being a part of my tribe who has legalized gay marriage, I get the opportunity to offer my partner my benefits when the time comes. She and her son will be able to join us in full Medical coverage for all of our needs because my tribe felt the need to allow love to be love.

Well I have to admit, hearing people speak to me n complete honesty about my book after they read the sample that’s on Amazon is quite intense itself. I never know what they’re going to say or how they’re going to react. Coming from a biased party 2 an unbiased party with real experience with real circumstances and real balls of steel to share it all, it’s very interesting and scary and sometimes heartbreaking to know way down deep that it was not normal to go through what I went through.