My Chance to Shout

I don’t get why people have to act all big and bad to compensate for their handicap, stupidity, ignorance, or whatever their excuse may be. I don’t get why they have to be so selfish, rude, inconsiderate, and so many other countless things that they feel they need to be. I don’t get why we all have to cater to people that are supposedly less than we are for whatever reason, but they know that and they take deep advantage of that. I have a special needs son so I know what I’m talking about. I know what it is to try to use that “issue” as a crutch. I see this everyday between visits to employment or visits or shopping. I see this issue where we’ve had it all engrained in our head so deep to sit and baby the hell out of whoever has whatever issue just because they have some physical or mental problems. I was raised differently than this. I was raised unless you are dead, dying, broken, or bleeding… you are not worth the extra attention.

Is this right? I don’t have a say whether or not any of this is right or wrong. I know what I think and see. I know how I feel as a mother of a child who has tried to do this on multiple of occasions. I know we’ve pounded into his head that this is no excuse to treat ourselves or others any different. You don’t take advantage of people due to your issue. Even if they offer. When you see an opportunity like this coming at you and you are unfortunate for whatever reason on your own mind, it’s real hard not to grab on with both hands and all your teeth and scream “this is mine”.

I know I was raised different and I know I raise my kids in a unique way far past what most do, since I’m told all the time I’m too strict. I do what is right for me and my kids and so far they are very well raised children with special needs and all. I just wish when those with special needs get older they would hang on to the morals they were given as children if any. Then maybe they wouldn’t be trying to make the world their own little playground for others to get lost in. When the rules don’t apply to you, they don’t apply. You don’t just walk around and start making rules for people to follow due to your comfort level no matter who you are or what your DAMN problem is.

I have to keep humble in these cases and I see big ones every day. I have to realize it’s not my place to make decisions in these circumstances and humility is my best choice. So in a sense… this is my chance to shout!!!