I Feel It Was You!


Explosion of positive energy
Explosion of positive energy (Photo credit: Łukasz Strachanowski)

Woot Woot!!!!  Back online… nothing much to say about that except for wrongful accusation by a computer that thought it knew what it was doing… Whew!! Thought I lost my “blanky” for a moment… lol. It was a total destruction of thought in all directions. I don’t even know what I would have done or even why I would have done it if I couldn’t get my writing back. There’s a lot of deep stuff here on this blog and I’ve had my diary stolen once when I was a teenager. That totally tore me apart for years. I had writing pieces, stories, journal entries, poetry, secrets, and all kinds of stuff in there. Very depressing to think why someone who you might have known would have stolen that type of material. Annoying to really sit down and recognize the issues that a person would have to have to deal with themselves over that thought process.



Happy Valentine's Day...
Happy Valentine’s Day… (Photo credit: Јerry)

So on the other side of life… my jewelry in Candles orders are late as of yesterday and thankfully I only had one order to my dad that needed to be on time… I informed him of the new Limited Edition Candle from JIC called “Love Potion” that will be only available from now until 1-2913 and only this year with Limited Edition love or Valentine necklaces or earrings in it. So now he might be interested in that as well. I do know I’m going to have me some fun this Valentine’s Day. There’s only 10,000 being made and already several have been sold. Can you believe it? Since Christmas Day at 11:59pm when they became available, there have already been several sales. I hope I can get paid enough to take care of my bills and still make it in for some Valentine Candles for my Valentines. I have three wonderful people to buy for and I honestly think this would be a fabulous idea. How can you beat 3 gifts in 1? A wonderful candle, a beautiful piece of jewelry, and a reusable jar to hold the dozen roses in when she is floating in the air… Hmmm… can’t wait…. To see my lady float that is…. (Better have the camera for this one 😉 )






Anyway, I’ve had a lot of requests to try the ecig from http://www.greensmoke.com/aff/30837/c/save10 that I am using. I tell you what… I don’t have enough time to go around for all the excitement this is bringing. I got my dad to quit smoking 3 packs a day, I got my lady to quit smoking a pack a day, I got my coworkers to stop freezing to death to stand outside and smoke, I got my own 5-7 cigs a day gone, and I have others around me asking about it all the time. I love this product! I find myself missing it so much that when I try another ecig like Mistic or Fin, it’s like nasty compared to it. LOL… I used to love these two ecigs. Not sure if I’m sick or sold. Anyway, I can’t do the monthly automatic deal where I can even save money every month having it sent to me, but I can buy a good gift kit and have it last a bit. Teehee… I can’t wait to try the coffee one..


winter blues
winter blues (Photo credit: anjan58)

So everyone gains a little weight in the winter right? Yeah my whole whopping 130 lbs went to 140 lbs and counting this winter already. I’m not even a whole month and a half in and I’m already fitting into my “winter pants”. No, I’m not one of these chicks that freak out about their weight all the time trying on old pants wishing to fit back into them. Actually I just take it as it is and live life. When I hit 150… then I will worry. I know in the winter I gain weight and feel pregnant all the time eating my own wishes and dreams away, and in the summer I lose the weight walking my own wishes and dreams away. Either way I know at night I have a nice ass, itty bitty titties (my lady loves), cute spiky hair, and a smile to die for. I also have a wonderful Avon gift set that my lovely bloodline father and his wife got me for Christmas and (yay they bought it from my website) it was a Fergie Outspoken set with lotion, perfume, and black eyeliner with gold sparkles. Here’s the funny part… I’m not into lotion and I haven’t worn eye liner in years. I used to wear it all the time years ago and that was the only make up you would catch me in. Now, I don’t wear makeup. However, with my cute hair, sexy ass, and unforgettable eyes a touch of eye liner got my lady to smile. So I might have to throw that in once in a while now too. Wow, stink pretty and sexy eyes… I’m doing ok for my age… LMAO!



So back to my book… I few blogs ago I did tell you all that I was getting a review from the Gaylypost.com Well, after a few days of freaking out that my whole life just went to Hell because I got suspended for some shady shit I was accused of, I got a precious email from the Gaylypost telling me they were finished with my book and the review is posted. If you would like to see it,









I’m pretty happy with it. I have to say knowing what the book is about and what emotions it can bring up, it’s real interesting to see what everyone pulls from the book as important or subject oriented enough to write something about. I’m starting to realize this book is really going to touch everyone differently. There are going to be a lot of bad points and some good points about this book that will just smack some people in the face, but the fact that it touches them so much that they actually write about it…. That’s the goal! Every person’s review is different from the next. Some people focus on the abuse while others focus on the SEX of the book. Some are siding with the abusive men, while others are sympathetic to the judgments that little girl goes through. I know it’s practically impossible to touch upon the whole book, but it really is a learning curve to find out what everyone sees differently in what got to them or touched them from my book. http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Velvet-Closet-A-Memoir-ebook/dp/B00G0AKJJ6 There are over 300 copies of my books out there in people’s hands. Whether it be by kindle, computer, Iphone, Droid, Ipad, or actually in their hands; the book has the opportunity to touch over 300 people in different ways at this point. That’s a real eye opener.



Still wondering what I’m going to do with this bonus chapter with the 2nd edition of the book when it gets re-edited. There’s so many things I can do with it… If anyone has any ideas… that would be great!!


BIpolar? (Photo credit: FotoChesKa)

So, I have a new goal to help someone. I know I have an issue with wanting to help everyone, but this time it’s really really important to me. I honestly feel this one will help my quality of life immensely if I can figure it out. I have a wonderful lady that is dealing with some heavy emotional issues and to top it off … she’s very very short-tempered. However after meeting her family and letting my energies run rapidly… I do realize this runs in the family. So I’ve decided with no further ado that I am going to get my lady to start taking some real good vitamins that promote “happy thoughts” and actually deflect the short-tempered issue she has. When you have so many awesome moments to look forward to and every now and then a huge bomb explodes out of nowhere… it can be hard to focus on the positive. Something like Bipolar symptoms. I have been around many bipolar people in my time… honestly dated two specifically diagnosed Bipolar people and one thing you learn… when that Bomb explodes out of nowhere… don’t fuel the fire… let it breathe what it needs to and walk away…. Sooner or later it will die down and the sun will come out shining with their great amounts of love and waiting for forgiveness. It takes a while to get used to, but can be rewarding if you know how to deal with it.



No, I’m not a doctor and would never claim to be, but when you have dealt with someone with the same conditions and similar symptoms throughout your life… it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together. So I will start taking the required steps to make things go a lot smoother in our lives very soon.


English: Symptoms of ADHD described by the lit...
English: Symptoms of ADHD described by the literature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone ever heard of Focus Factor for adults? Well, I found Focus Factor for kids and oh boy does it work!!! It cures all symptoms of my boys with ADHD or something close to. Are you seeing a pattern here? I am huge into vitamins and love what they do for my family. I don’t really believe in conventional medicine and would rather stay away from anything that you need a doctorate to read the ingredients on. Of course there is the occasional dose of Nyquil I will give myself if things get too bad, but not likely very often. Anyway, focus factor for kids has all natural ingredients for helping a child deal with attention issues, extreme energy issues, and so many other things down to temper and insolence. I’ve seen such a dramatic change in my boys since I have purchased this and I will tell you what… the grades going up is always a good sign for a particular achievement being met.



Now, what kind of positive energy can you get from… just about everything in your life going downhill? How do you explain why your house payments are 6 months behind because your car took a dark shit on you 3 months in a row and took your house payment to fix? How do you explain 8-10 doctor visits to town for 2 different people who takes 20 miles in and 20 miles out … which also doesn’t include rides to work or the store for groceries? What kind of explanation do you have for all three kids growing out of their clothes, coats, and shoes so badly that it takes 3-500 dollars to spend right away to get them back on track with clothes, shoes, boots, and so forth that fit? Everyone wants a good Christmas right? Well, then you have to sit down and think about being 6 months behind on house payments, while people in your house are running up your electricity and not able to give much more than 20 bucks to help you pay the 400 a month that is there… before you go and spend every last penny to give your 3 children a decent Christmas.



I know there’s positive energy out there somewhere, it just takes a serious moment to really take a step back and close my eyes and imagine that positive energy surging through me. It might take quite a bit of concentration, but I do my best to imagine it and then think it and then hope like Heaven and Hell that I’ve done enough imagining and focusing that something positive comes from it… even if it’s just a hug from the Weebit or a surprise kiss from my lovely lady. Maybe if could be a good job from my mother or a surprise pat on the back from dad. There are so many things that could be my positive energy coming through… this time I feel it was you!!!!

Let go of what you can't control ...
Let go of what you can’t control … (Photo credit: symphony of love)


No I didn’t stutter or misspell anything! I feel my positive energy was you this week. When my blog got suspended and I couldn’t even log in to see how many people’s lives I’ve touched with my writing on a blog that I’ve been working on well over 2 years? It was a serious detriment to my mental and physical well-being. I was worried that I would go through a total melt down. Then I got the email telling me it was all a mistake and once again, I wrote my readers and told them… I’m back. Without my readers I wouldn’t be a very decent blogger and I wouldn’t have purpose to write the book I’ve sold over 300 copies to around the world. So thank you for your views and reading me, my positive energies came from you!