Psycho vs Violet and her lil butterfly

Violet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK so it’s been a minute I’ve been writing. A lot of things have happened lately that seem to make sense for me to write them down. In a sense I am just kind of blurting out things that drive me up a wall. For instance this chick that’s clearly having issues letting go of something that she clearly screwed up years ago. How can you seriously be like one of those stalker people and sit quietly watching someone as they work and write them secretly hoping they see it. How can you not take a hint when your number has been blocked, your email has been blocked, your Facebook account has been blocked, your access to these people’s lives have been clearly blocked and when you try to talk to these people, it’s obvious they are trying to get the hell out of there!! I guess I don’t see how someone can be so SICK in the head that they just aren’t getting a clue as to the needs and wants of this person and their family!!

I would personally be taking it like a brick to the face!! I would be thinking to myself .. damn you know.. they don’t seem to want to have anything to do with me.. maybe I should BACK THE FUCK OFF!!! Yeah that sounds like something I would be thinking.. oh wait.. I don’t have to think that way because I would have got the hint the first time… yeah the first time I was practically screamed out and called every name in the book to represent the fact I was not wanted!!! So now lets go plan tattoos and car rides that go way out of the way to represent my feelings for this person and again CLEARLY WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!! Lets send her emails and stop by her work and just quietly watch her.. As long as I order something I can sit there and just watch her work.. fantasizing the possibilities of her talking to me or maybe even just looking in my direction… she doesn’t even have to smile at me.. cause already know she misses me.. even though she’s blocked me every way that she can.. she’s avoided me every way that she can.. she even decided to place a law enforcement move on me.. but yeah I can at least sit and watch her safely here.

Then I will drop off gifts that I wasn’t asked for or hinted by or even clearly suggested with.. I will be very persistent and adamant on the fact she take them so I can secretly think to myself at least I branded them with my gifts. You know I may even go as “smart” as spraying my own scent on things that I get for her.. so that she can remember me when her face is clearly disgusting at the thought of me standing next to her let alone being stuck with the scent of a history waiting to be long forgotten and moved on.

So do I sound a little psycho?? Yeah I relive it a good once a week if not more often. This is the story of a woman that is very disturbed and never could take NO for an answer. The victim’s name we will call Violet. Violet has been having these issues now for quite some time. If it’s not one thing it’s another. There seems to never be a stop or pause or complete black out moment for anything in this trail of complete stalking.

Violet is a wonderful talented open-minded woman who fell head over heels for the beauty of a butterfly. She loved how this butterfly was so free and flowing. How there was never a boring day or even moment around this butterfly. They ran and played together and flirted and took long walks on the beach that would fall into early morning hours. Violet loved an adventure and her little butterfly seemed to be the perfect one. Things were simple yet interesting. They went together everywhere and did everything together.. They fell deeper and deeper into their own little world everyday!!