Been a Minute..

A photo of a cup of coffee.
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So now that I’m deciding whether or not I want to claim a brain cell this early in the morning to actually say I can make decisions. I really need my coffee in the morning and to say the least, I’m a bitch in the morning. I tend to be a little hasty without my coffee. The funny part is it doesn’t really matter what type of coffee as long as it tastes good. I do have to have that at least, but in the long run it tends to be a real decency to not bite someone’s head off with no reason.

Anyway, working full time with three kids and three dogs and well three cats… is quite a challenge. At times I wonder what I was thinking when I got married instead of being who I really was. I have been a lesbian for 23 years and known it the whole time. You know how hard it is to explain to someone that you aren’t into all those hot guys that all the chicks are craving? You could really care less about chip n dales… you could honestly say you aren’t attracted to Brad Pit??

You feel so awkward in the locker rooms as a kid, but become very careful in your glance techniques to not be caught checking out the “c’s” and “d’s”. Of course I’ve never had much to brag and boy did I hear it growing up, but I don’t see the point of paying 10,000 to stuff yourself with something that doesn’t even do that well on Stars, let alone some chick in some town in some state on Facebook. Not that I would have that much money anyway to blow on a set of tits… lol…

Well, I can honestly say now, I am no longer hiding who I am and what I should have been doing. I of course have had plenty of experience with women that I’m not exactly a virgin to the idea of being with a woman or even how to please her in more than just a touching sexual way. So with that in mind, I am now looking freely for that awesome woman that catches my eyes and heart with her endearing honest eyes and big open heart.

The best part of course is when women find out you are a little talented in some areas and decide that you are good enough to contact on their time when they feel they want to be pleased, but not on a regular basis enough to actually hold a relationship. It’s a beautiful thing when you go out of your way on so many occasions to be apart of people’s lives and care for them and actually attempt a human relationship farther than “oh it was my mistake” and the next thing you know, your phone doesn’t ring for weeks or even months sometimes.

So what does it take to find a real female with real intentions and a real hold on life and relationships?? When I find out, I will be more than happy to share with you what I find. Until then the search continues..