Novely of Love

The hugs, the kisses, the refreshing “I love you’s”, the pats on the back, the peck on the cheek, and the ultimate glimmer of hope for another day that comes from those beautiful eyes and that gracious smile. Those are the things I look forward to being in love. There’s always the annoying little comments or the quirky little habits. There’s always the way someone brushes their teeth or the way they fix their hair. It’s awesome that your love brings in so many unknown feelings and emotions that every time you turn around, it’s nothing but pure uncontrollable un-denying unadulterated love!!!

The gay marriage law is now in effect and supposedly that means I can marry my lovely Violet. Supposedly I’m supposed to jump for joy and celebrate something that’s been fought over for years to centuries that so many people are scared their “god” won’t accept or love a human being who loves another of their kind. Just as the excited rolls up nice and tight and so many good things are supposed to be marked for the day, the next bad ripple comes about. Now they want all marriages to return to being done by a clergy. That’s not a smack in the face now is it? So we are to assume every gay couple doesn’t go to church and every straight couple who doesn’t go can’t be married now. Don’t worry about the fact that this is severe infringement on personal rights and beliefs. You do know that a church is just a building to go worship right? You can worship at home too. Many religions have their worship in their home. So why the big jump to be married by a clergy? What are you so afraid of us LGBT members being just as happy or miserable as you straight people?

I know so many relationships that are straight right now, that have arranged sexual outsides since their partner doesn’t please them. I know so many marriages of straight people that don’t even want to be in their marriage anymore, but they figure oh well. I know so many straights who were dying to get married so badly, but a week later they are over their “so called love”. I can watch TV and see so many shows that pay you to get married on TV, marriage at first sight, sex in a box for therapy, and so many other shows out there, but we are the ones who don’t get “marriage” for sacred reasons? Really? Give me a break!!!!