Wish Me Luck!!!

Europe (Photo credit: Niccolò Caranti)


Hello my fellow bloggers, idealists, artists, lesbians, gays, and just plain crazy open-minded people!!!! I have just a short blurb to share with you today that I felt pertinent for my lovely readers to know. With in all my hard work of trying to get people to “try” my book on for size, I’ve discovered 90 some emails, tweets, pm’s, and whatever other air mail style communications I could bring myself to figure out and use…. How to gather some attention for my book. Not only did I gather some attention, but I also caught a guest appearance next Wednesday on Jove Belle’s website.


This is exciting partially because I have never done a guest appearance on a blog before, but also because it has to do with my book. This wonderful woman is a fellow lesbian author who’s put out countless romance books and strives to help other lesbian authors in the search for being seen or heard on her column: Women and Words. I’ve been invited to be a guest on her website: www.jovebelle.com next Wednesday to feature an original article I’ve written that will touch on the subject of bullying giving examples of those that are in my book. I’m working on a book trailer but not sure if it will be done this time around. Might have to wait till the next blog appearance. Anyway, I will be giving away a free Ebook to one lucky winner. If you are interested in this opportunity, please feel free to stop by and find out how you can enter to win.


Also in my extremely long search of some hidden fame that I’m not really intending on, I sent out so good number of Tweets as was mentioned before and lo and behold… guess who request my book?diva_magazine_november_2013


Tadah!!!! Shocking right????




Hell, I was shocked to say the least!!! Now this isn’t some promise of review and feature, but the fact they asked for my book to see if they were interested in it…. Wow!!!! I’m honored just by the thought of them reading it!!! I was so psyched at the possibility of Europe’s leading Lesbian Magazine asking for my book that I totally lost all thought processes for one day!!! I did!!! I brought myself to realize I couldn’t talk straight, my Euchre game sucked ass, my kids barely got eye contact from me, no chores were done, my phone is out anyway but I was glued to my girl’s phone and killed it two times waiting for a response, and of course it was my day off work. So I was supposed to be relaxed. Yeah right!!!!


So my girl tells me in complete support of everything that I should think “outside the box” and try a European publisher for my book. Since that is where a lot of my readers and followers come from. So I am so proud of her coming up with that idea!!! I will be researching this possibility and seeing if I can get a European publisher to pick up my book. However until then, YAY!!!!!! Diva Magazine is looking at my book right now!!!!!!


The other two reviewers I’m waiting for a response from are Gayly Post and Lesbians Love & Advice.










Lets Wait Patiently shall we??? Off to hurry up wait some more… wish me luck!!!