To Garbage or not To Garbage…

Garbage (song)
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I so hated my childhood when my mother would go through and just throw things away. I didn’t understand it. If my room was not clean all the time, she just came in and started throwing things away with no warning or even telling us what she was throwing away. We either hope that we don’t remember what it was that she threw away or just suck it up when we realize it’s gone. The sad part is you couldn’t just walk back into your room and notice things gone.. no.. no.. no.. that was way too easy. She would just start to go through with you not being there and just pick things to start throwing away. Then she didn’t stop until her bag was full. In her mind, if there was room to fill then you had too much stuff.

Now with this in mind, I am now a mother and to begin with, I kept everything. I mean papers, clothes, toys, envelopes, furniture, school work, pictures, and anything else that my kids touched in any way. Well moving around and getting older and wiser, I’ve realized what a pain in the butt it is having two kids go through clothes and toys faster than a kid with a candy bar. I walk into my house and on a daily basis end up cleaning five minutes after I already did, because I now have toys, clothes, books, and what ever else they can think of to bring out, into my living room and kitchen. Now think about this, if all this is out in the livingroom and kitchen, what could be left in the room. That’s right!! Every single thing else in their possession. Movies, cartoons, music, and anything else they peel out of the darkness of their dressers and toy boxes.

I never knew how much mess could happen in one minute until I had kids and let them loose in their clean room for one minute. I literally watched this on the clock and one minute later, the room was more a mess than the first time we got it cleaned up. The sad part is it was all different stuff. I didn’t even know there was anything left to take out the first time. Somehow they went back to the deep dark parts of their room and found more to bring out and well “destroy”.

So what did I finally end up doing about eight years of parenting and butting my head against the wall later… ? Hmmm.. two guess cause you won’t need a third.. lol..

Yep!! I started throwing things out. Anything they didn’t take care of, they grew out of, or I just got tired of seeing went to the garbage. Let me tell you what.. it felt so GREAT to get rid of so much stuff. I loved it the first time I did and I will tell you what, I’m not secret about it in any way whatsoever. I tell my kids straight up that I’m going to throw things away. Of course if I can I will give things away to those who deserve it, but do I wait around for it? Not a chance!!

Now I have so much garbage going out of this house that my husband’s head is spinning. The sad part is.. he was the one who tried talking me into it in the first place, LMAO!!!

Well Garbage is all good in my book, especially when it comes to a cleaner more organized house…

Now I feel bad for all those mean things I said about my mom when she threw my things away… ugh!