P!nk live in Freiburg
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Damn!! It’s such a great thing to wake up to a wonderfully, sexy, talented, smart woman like Pink. You know I used to be in love with Madonna, but damn Pink is really just awesome! I’m sitting here listening to her “Dear Mr. President”.. and wow talk about truth. Her creativity is just astounding and blows my mind from her honesty. There’s so much from her inner self that she just shouts regardless and I wish so many parts of me could just up and do that. I’ve tried through my poetry and just doesn’t seem to be the same. Although getting back into blogging and journalism, I do have my options and chances to let things out and I will; however it still will never make any sense until it’s deep enough to touch yourself like it does everyone else that will ever read it.

I’ve been given all kinds compliments on my writing and I know I picked a real challenging area to get into since poetry is so far picked apart these days, there is no just plain enjoyment anymore. I love how Pink says “take a walk with me” like in her mind, in her heart, walk with her in stride to know where her thoughts lie and why. There’s kind of like where my poetry was at.. having other’s take a walk with me in my mind, my heart, my life, my truth, to say the least.

I do have some things to do today, so I can’t stay on here all day, but for some reason I had to share my thoughts on Pink.