Wow.. what do you say when she takes it all away? What do you do when she seems to be one of those few? She catches you off guard in the sweetest ways and she keeps you smiling for most days. You have your mind wondering at heart, what it is she wants to be apart. Can’t even claim to know a smile, yet has me thinking about her style. She’s seems pretty direct, but heart felt. She seems to know just what to say, what to write in her own way.

I love the sound of her voice and how it’s with out walls. I love her laugh boisterous yet soft. Her eyes I can only imagine tell stories of past and hold visions or tomorrow while glistening the moment today. Almost with out words it seems to even describe the feeling. The flowers adorn my window sill staring at me as I type. Both almost whispering her thoughts and feelings to me as they begin to open to the light of this day.

Conversations are plenty and I hope many more, with a sweetness my tongue by reality has yet to explore…