What People Think

Thinking (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)


I would like to know the worth of other’s opinions on several different subjects. They say that what other’s think isn’t always worth finding out or doesn’t really matter. However; we are everyday proving ourselves in what we are by what everyone else thinks. All our movies have reviews on them… of what everyone thinks… all our books have thoughts on them… of what everyone else thinks. I mean when you think about it.. It’s like our lives are shaped around the very thing our parents try their damnedest to drill into our heads. For some reason when we grow up we are always asking what everyone thinks of what we wear, what we do, what we say. However our parents are always telling us what they think doesn’t matter, but as soon as you think you have figured that out… what they think does matter. In fact it can practically tear you apart to appease their thinking pattern in a way that pride can come to mind from such a simple feat.

I was thinking about this because I am always telling people who I don’t care what other’s think of anything I do… and then the next thing you know I’m asking people what they thought about my poetry… and what they thought about my website. It didn’t dawn on me what a lie it all was until I found this website Urbis.com that seems to go deeper than that. It keeps you interactive in a way that’s constructive. It gives honesty to anything you write and is not just prejudice to poetry. I love that I’m a writer/poet. I’m told everyday that I’m a poet not just a writer and I look at it differently, because I see myself as just a writer first. Anything that comes to my head in a way that it hits just right makes me know that I’m a writer. It doesn’t have to make sense or rhyme or anything. It doesn’t even have to be grammatically correct. I can just write it down and then it is all good. This site lets anything from poetry to stories to diary entries to be put on there and then judged and reviewed honestly from whoever feels that your piece of writing is worth their viewing pleasure.

Now I’m very picky where I put my pieces of writing no matter what I’ve written. I don’t care if I’m venting and just felt like putting it into a blog or actually had a thought process create an emotion and decided that a book was in order. Interestingly enough I can’t wait to get more stuff on this site and just see not exactly what other people think, but what worth I am of being published in my book that is sort of actually already there.





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