Having this UN-denying feeling

that blooms inside

my over whelming pleasure

keeps me confined

my heart continuously pounds

my legs begin to shake

all that I’m made of

finds its own grace wake

My hands tremble

can’t catch my breath

waiting for the moment

to kiss you from death

you’ve lied inside

and begun to cry silent

maybe my kiss may catch

All the love you’ve sent

years of waiting and worry

searching for your mate

the one you saw that day

karaoke was late

Barely passing each time

In the blink of an eye

you’re undying commitment

is all but shy

Just taking a walk

your life changes forever

there’s an undying feeling

you’re under the weather

a request has been made

you meet at the swing

all time comes rolling back

like a forgotten dream

those sparkling eyes

that catchy smile

what a laugh she had

her own little style_

she’s got this reason for leaving

it makes sense

somehow your heart still searching

for her present tense

This deep hidden love

has never died

All the care in the world

and yet still never tried.



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