How do you tell her?

It’s weird how I feel
so unattached and so real
I look out my door
to see eyes of wonder
all heading my way
from all these genders
what can I say
only one hits me the most
with red hair and green eyes
got me faster that most tries
from a chuckle to a picture stare
a smile that’s always there
her voice hits me hard
I try to think fast
she’s like no other
I’ve had in the past
she makes me laugh
she makes me smile
with females it’s been a while
do I trust again
or go without
every knowing
what her kiss is about
shall I wait to see her want it
or take it and flaunt it
the energies I get
make me breathless
the shakes
the stutters
the harmless little mutters
what do I say
do I flirt back
do I grab her hand
and kiss it
then place it back
how do I impress her
how do I rain her speechless
how do I explain the knots in my stomach
the tingling in my fingers
the taste in my mouth
the anticipation of her next word
what do you say to a woman
who makes you yearn for her presence
without even being there
and has you in mere hopes
that you’ve caught her attention
how do you tell her
you crave a touch you’ve never had
a kiss you never felt
a smile you’ve never seen
a world you’ve only heard

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5 Replies to “How do you tell her?”

  1. I was surfing the net searching for a word to describe my “knowing” and found the word empath. This knowing can be lonely sometimes especially without an outlet and years of trying to supress the pull. This was the reason for my search. I Instantly loved the term. Then I found a link that looked interesting and clicked on The Book of Storms. I just finished reading Stage 1. Amazing! Then I googled Jadoa Tia Alexander and eventually clicked on a link that took me to your site and a wonderful thing happened. During my journey with Jadoa I came to an understanding that had never occurred to me with such clarity. I have struggled with weight issues for most of my adult life and have been somewhat aware of various roots of this issue one of which is being aware that my “knowing” was meeting its purpose directly proportional to my avoidance of cultivating the hard work of the “knowing”. Here’s where the clarity comes in. In Jadoa’s analogy of the sun, the moon and gravity, it occured to me that my body represents gravity in this equation. Suddenly I feel compelled to look at my overweight from a loving compassionate point of view rather than the typical shallow ways of this society which often included self loathing and negative messages complete with a feeling of total disconnectedness and disapointment. Those very shaming messages about why I “should” lose weight weight and the sincere desire to feel better were constantly at odds. My gravity is “the invisible connector” between feeling whole in my concious exhistence and feeling whole in my unconcious exhistence. Now I have this new awarness that is loving and unconditional regarding continuing with The Book of Storms and thoughts of taking better care of my body. The shaming shoulds no longer seem welcome. So….in answer to your question of what thought process is holding me back today, I feel awake now in a way I never have before. I feel I am fullfilling a purpose and for me right now that simply means getting up every day, getting out of bed every day, showing up for work every day and finally feeling eager to discover more of the Loving Presence that exists. Thanks to you and Jadoa for your inspiring writing. You both really helped me today


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