My Makwa

These tears I want to shed don’t seem to have a correct feeling.. they don’t seem to have a meaning.. they don’t seem to have a purpose.. they don’t seem to have a why.

These fears I have don’t seem to carry the reason they are there.. they don’t seem to explain the circumstance I’m in.. they don’t seem to bring out what is..

These feelings I keep getting don’t seem to bring me to sanity.. they don’t seem to help me grab I what I have.. they don’t seem to push me into that..

This knowledge that I have screams for it’s freedom to be shut down.. I don’t know all the answers that everyone wants me to know..

This understanding I wish was there doesn’t seem to show as often as I wish it would.. it doesn’t seem to find me where it needs to.. . it doesn’t seem to float my way today..

This burning inside that scrapes my inner emotions to it’s highest suicidal intention… begs to quit and just believe that it’s all going to be ok

This emptiness that my stomach feels seems to have no regrets of appetite, but regret of a November afternoon when I let him go..

This memory of smiles and laughter sits so lonely as to wait for the next awaking moment to feel his arms and hands again.. it doesn’t seem to pause from its constant reminder he’s not here

This thought on my head seems to repeat itself over and over that it will be ok again and my Makwa will be returned from his tortured wanna be life to his real loving family full of emotion and future with hope that we may once again be

Abandoned Cub
Abandoned Cub (Photo credit: Teddy Makwa)

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