It’s Time

Hatred (Photo credit: dton23)


It’s a hard realization that I can’t think

of you without pure hatred for what he did!

It’s hard to wake up and actually know

It’s better to let you go

It’s so hard to feel so wrong

after all I’ve done for so long

my words of poetry can’t explain

when all my heart does is complain

It’s time for me to see way past

all of this time that’s gone so fast

when you were so young and tiny

I’d rock you to sleep barely wining

you big bright eyes only hinted to me

all that trust and love could be

Everything inside me screams so desperate

for more than the hate my heart sees fit

I fight so hard to get you back now

time for forgiveness but I’m not sure how

I hold you, love you, and sing for real

and yet so much hatred I still feel

It’s time for me to let all of this go

and finally watch you live and grow

with every smile on your face

there’s another hug just in case

I’m going to get on with my life

and finally be a real wife

I’ll always be your only mother

now let’s hope I can give you a brother

I have a man who loves me for me

no matter how messed up or goofy I can be

It takes a lot for me to just breathe

when I watch you so happily leave

to a man that’s wronged me ever so

and found a way to make you go

He’s your hero and I won’t compete

for all my hatred and I’m still beat

not that I had much to win

except the chance to love again

An angel to me your eyes still glow

within the hatred you’ll never know





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