Invisible Fight

demon inside
demon inside (Photo credit: Melinda Taber)


What demonic entity has spilled


What evil force wants to kill


Why such hatred lying about


Why the questions figuring out


Who are they that come to see


When are they goin to set us free


What do they carry with them


The auras dark and heavy


Colors are hard to determine


Blinded by love of many


Confusion sets in


While bruises come about


No body touched her


What found it’s way out


A thumb print turns thick and grows


Was it a dark spirit


Was it the emotional blunder


What kind of energy leaves a mark


I hope somebody knows


The car hard to start


The children’s night terrors return


The arguments commence


The evil sickness glows


One’s to lose a leg


One’s to lose an eye


One’s to lose his mind


One finds words that fly


An innocent soul in the mix


Carried by an enchantment maybe


A significance so dark


Stillness grows heavy


Do curses exist


Or was it a demon’s wish


A stake drives us apart


The animals are restless


Critters scatter to feed


The lightness fades slowly


A cloud circles with greed


There was no broken mirror


There was no candle’s lit


There was no song sung


There was no séance kit


No words were chanted


No wishes were granted


No minds were read


Nobody pronounced dead


What happened that night


Why the evil fight


Who left that bruise


Nobody touched her


Only screams gave a fright


Anger soothed her soul


Fists were held tight


Pain filled her heart


Family fell apart


But nobody was there


There was no hand in sight


Someone’s thumb left a print


Her inner elbow covered in purple and red


The body of it grows


By the hour worries flutter


At what was said or done


During this invisible fight