Is Essure an Enemy or a Friend?

Ok ladies im new here. Its awesome knowing im not the only one that has has these problems, but extremely sad at the same time. Ive had my essure for 8 years. Just like everyone else im sure.. it was easy and painless and i didnt have to miss work so i did it. I got it shortly after it came on the market before medicaid had a yes or no that it was covered. Since then ive had many ignored doctor visits, several er visits that blamed endemetriosis or hypochondria as my issue. I tried various hormones including the depo shot which tore my body, mind, and soul apart. I almost lost my jobs, kids, partner, and life. I finally went through a laproscopy and they found scar tissue and cysts on my ovaries which were removed, but that didnt completely clear the pain that came from nowhere that dropped me so quick with no warning that a 250 lb woman pushing on my stomach didnt clear the pain fast enough for the 45 minutes of pain medicine to kick in. After a year of convincing them i was still in pain, i got another laproscopy done and they found the essure poking through my tube. It was removed with my ovary which was healthy, but that was the order and my partner didnt get a choice to make while i was under since our relationship wasnt recognised. Now i have an ovary that fills with cysts regularly, one tube with essure left, and still have pain where the other was removed. I was never a pill taker but now i have a standing prescription for Naproxin and tylenol 3 for any sign of pain that pops in so i can try to go about my day at work or spend some type of sober family time. I have recently contacted an attorney and im looking to open a case due to the issues and hardships ive had. Ive developed a dependancy on the pills and an anxiety disorder. Be careful ladies!