Broken Promises and Laziness

The unforgiving embarrassment of a special needs child losing whatever bodily functions needed to process a situation is exploding today. Whether it’s the crying, shaking, frustration, anger, confusion, or whatever other waving or fondling that occurs when a special needs child needs that love and understanding. The emotions that run through your mind and body as a parent or guardian of whatever type should not include embarrassment. The child can not help how they are acting and a lot of times they are enough embarrassed as it is. When you show so much shame on your own grounds about your children, it teaches them to shame themselves. I don’t shame my children and I don’t care what they have to do or say in public. I’m there for them regardless of what goes down and I will have their hand no matter who drops theirs and walks away after so many broken promises.

There’s only so many excuses before a child begins to understand on their own that something is “wrong” with them. That’s why you can’t stay with them, that’s why you can’t spend time with them, that’s why you can’t talk to them, and that’s why they will lose all hope in what you have to say and do. Whether it be alcohol or drugs or plain anger or laziness that keeps your “excuses” flying out the door about why you can’t be apart of them and what they do. I’ve entertained the thought for years that my kids would be able to participate in more of life than I ever have and I’ve taken that as far as life would allow it. So now that they are able to participate in many things in life and become full grown intelligent women and men, that will make their own decisions in time as to why their family members treated them like they did and whether or not their “excuses” are good enough to allow forgiveness. Even if that forgiveness for 13 years of excuses, failed promises, embarrassments, mistakes, and just plain carelessness.

I teach my children to be as understanding as I can, but it’s hard to teach what you yourself don’t believe or what to be a part of. I have no patience anymore for those who are embarrassed by my kids no matter how special needs, immature, angry, or whatever they are. I have no care for those who can’t take time out of their day to be apart of my kids as they are for who they are with out telling them all the time what a waste of time “we” are. I’m over all the lies and drama that try to give some want to be population called family the excuse to be ASSHOLES to my kids!!!!