Right off the bat I’m going to tell you I’m not typing this I’m speaking it. So if it seems like a babble or nonsense or runs on or just straight up sounds ignorant or rude that’s why. Does it ever seem like it’s worth it when you go out of your way to be someone’s family or friend and do everything in your power to be a part of them through their heart and their life and every time you turn around you’re getting stabbed in the chest by their words or actions? I honestly don’t know why I tried to help and be a part of people outside of my little circle that I’m used to staying in. It never fails. It’s like I open my mouth in words of kindness and caring and as soon as I take a breath to think of what else I can do to be a loving person the person I’m talking to or caring about takes advantage of that moment and destroys the very words that come out of my mouth and stabs me in my own heart with them. What would you do?