My Boy’s Cure Was in a Game Called Minecraft?

So I’ve always been pretty resistant to the fact that there was nothing wrong with my son, but to be diagnosed Psychotic, Paranoid Schizophrenic, Cognitive disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and now having encephalopathy is definitely not what I was looking for. Recently we’ve been to a new therapist and he has strongly suggested my boy has what they call PTSD and the depth of understanding this mental condition has yet to make a whole lot of sense to me. I am gathering something along the lines of what follows:

Some pretty extreme occurrences when he was a child caused a condition called PTSD on my boy. The effects of this condition caused some type of symptoms to roll out that were similar to Psychosis and Schizophrenia. The Schizophrenia sits in the Cognitive part of the brain, which would explain the disorder. Without this very important part of the brain, my boy has continued to think, speak, and act like the 7-year-old boy he was when he was severely mentally marked for life. Being stuck in this thought process has halted his ability to not only think, but also correctly decipher who he is as a person. Then somewhere in-between all this very confusing commotion, he is also showing signs of different personalities emerging. This in turn is what brings about the diagnosis of Encephalopathy. The cause of the Encephalopathy is one of many possibilities. Unfortunately, the deciphering of that possibility won’t be actually conclusive until further testing is done later next month.

Due to the intensity of his diagnosis and the complications of the situations, there’s only one doctor in the state of Michigan that will see my boy for his so-called Encephalopathy. Rather than just assuming he actually has D.I.D., they are going through every type of test out there to find what he “actually” has. Thankfully this new therapist we are looking into has concluded the PTSD. Why would that be a good thing? Over all if the Schizophrenia sits in the Cognitive part of the brain, then logical thinking is out the door right? Well, what if you find out that when you force both sides of your brain to work at the same time… the Schizophrenia CAN’T exist at the same time. You literally can’t hear the voices at the same time you are working both sides of your brain. Wow!!! So, if you are working both sides of your brain, then your brain just like any other muscle is forced to become stronger. What happens when the brain becomes stronger? It actually forces the Schizophrenia out of that part of the brain. Seriously!!!!

Well, any half decent brain cell will tell you if you are exercising your brain and it’s becoming stronger, not only is your Schizophrenia leaving… but your cognitive and logical is coming back. This means thoughts, processing ideas, memories, task building, and so many other things. What’s this all coming to? A Cure!!! The idea remains to be proven fully yet, but unbelievably my boy is starting to return to himself as a human being instead of a walking mental disease. He’s beginning to remember things from years ago and loving life once again. He was warned that if he kept doing the mental exercises that not only would his memories start flooding back, but sooner or later all that bad stuff that happened to him as a young child would come back as well and he’d just have to learn to deal with it. It’s hard to say to such a thing to a pretty messed up child… yes? Well, he was given these number exercises that he’s supposed to work up to being able to complete in 30 sec. You have to number a paper to 50 and then start the timer. The idea is to start at 50 and say that number out loud while writing the number 1. You want to continue correctly as fast as you can until 30 sec is up. Trust me I had my entire family doing it and it’s not as easy as it sounds.

This exercise will in turn force your brain to work and begin to allow the cognitive part of the brain to work with the logical encompassing the left and right brain to work together. I was told if he were to do this every day two times a day, he would by Easter be able to think clearly once again. Then all he would have to do is prepare to handle all that history his mind has worked so hard to forget and cover. So there’s a cure for Schizophrenia or Psychosis? I’m not sure about that. I do know if it stems from PTSD then it’s just mirroring the symptoms of these very serious illnesses. So if you begin to conquer the symptoms of the illness by finding the foundation of what they control, then you’ve opened a huge door of opportunity to help battle the illnesses.

So, did he do those number exercises? Yes, he did for quite a few weeks. I started to see a climb in grades, a different side of his personalities per say, and his interests started actually surfacing. The downside… the number exercises get boring… monotonous… tedious…

So my lovely dad went on a money binge and decided to do the unthinkable… he bought lots of money worth of PS3 controllers and games. Why was this relevant? He felt it necessary to spend time with the kids before his surgery in case he didn’t make it through. So what other way to spend time with the kids in a 4 way split screen in a perfectly safe environment than MINECRAFT? I’ve been a very strong advocate in the past for not allowing gaming in my home longer than an hour and nothing of a violent nature, but in this sense I was surprised to learn that all four of my kids were able to play this game and love it!!! They all understood it, were patient with it, wanted it, asked for it, and actually got along with it.

I’ve been bits at a time allowing this game into my house longer than the specified time only because I have yet to see any real graphics or violence in the game and all the kids can play at once. What I did not expect however was my oldest actually getting into it? You have to understand my oldest generally doesn’t play games and when he does, he doesn’t get them long enough to continue past the first few basic worlds. Anything in a very competitive manner that makes you actually think is not his thing. It almost hurts him to think. So when I found he was into this game in so many ways, I felt compelled to allow his further interaction with it.

A few weeks have passed and surprisingly my oldest his showing more personality than he has in a long time, he’s offering to help with chores that were above his head, he’s getting along socially with the other kids, he’s recognizing his attraction to females, and now his memory his coming back. What’s changed all of a sudden in the last few weeks to make all this happen? Mine craft! Come to find out this game forces you to think in ways you wouldn’t normally think in everyday life and allows your mind to wander endlessly with possibilities to answer the given riddles in the game. Mining for things to get materials to build tools to build other things while keeping your property safe from all said creatures seems to be a never ending addictive and educating task. This game is so down right simple that it’s actually pixellated beyond any real detail of a gory or violent game you would know, yet you have to kill things and blow them up. You have to find ways to keep your world protected whether it is your house, playground, animals or whatever it may be.

So my surprise when my boy was playing this and all of a sudden he’s becoming a very well round boy with a sense of humor and personality? Holy Shit!!!! Where have you been all my life??? Why has it taken so long to try to find something that would “work” per say to bring him back to me? This child has seen the same shirt on my for almost three years with the same colors and the same design and all of a sudden today, he came up to me with a great big smile and stated, “I know where you got that from.” I followed with a smile responding, “Oh really? Where?” He stated, “You got it at that NASCAR race thing where they threw shirts to the audience and we caught it, but you didn’t want me to have it since it was too girly.” I was not only shocked and speechless; I doubted his transmission of thought and had to ask my partner if said story was true. After further conversation and trying to fight the tears of joy, I returned to my boy and gave him a high five and a hug letting him know he was correct and I was proud of him. He told me at that point that his memory was slowly returning and he liked it. He said he didn’t know why, but when he plays Minecraft his memory starts to come back. Keep in mind this boy couldn’t remember what happened 5 minutes ago… let alone 3 years ago.

This couldn’t be happening!! Really??? My prayers are coming true??? My boy’s cure was in a game? Minecraft? Really? This was causing him to think more clearly and remember things he couldn’t for years? This was bringing my boy to a very happy smiling outgoing fully interesting young man he was meant to be? The voices have been helped with the medication just as the visions have, but the thinking and memories and common sense are returning…because of Minecraft? His Psychosis and Schizophrenia could be forgotten in the years to come from something as simple as a pixellated video game.

I like to take anything that happens with him day by day so not to give myself too much hope that’s not really there to come true. I will take this one day at a time, but I will be secretly standing in a dark corner jumping up and down screaming so hard inside I will cause a migraine that I couldn’t be more proud of… in the silently hopes that this really is the CURE we’ve been looking for. *Rubs hands together with an evil grin* I’m getting my boy back!!!