Be Surprised of What a Little Guy Can do

Wow!!!! Nothing to make four hours of sleep worth it like a couple of great ball games. I never thought I could get into baseball, but I have to say it was awesome!!! Nothing like a bunch of parents screaming and hollering and jumping up and down uncontrollably to get you in the mood for a great rainy day. Only four hours of sleep (if that’s what you call it) and several hours from the break of dawn to watch a bunch of parents and kids screaming in the rain and trying to focus for a beautiful picture. The best pictures in the world are the ones where the child plays a badass game including stealing basis and sliding and gets all muddy and dirty and then stands there in great pride of his wonderful dirty picture moment.


When you have a bunch of parents asking, “who’s kid is that?” and pointing and staring trying to figure things out with great big smiles… you must be doing something good. It’s his first year playing baseball for quite a few years. I am really surprised he got as much into it as he did. I was really shocked that he felt that comfortable about getting dirty and sliding to the bases like he did. His social activity participation is definitely revolving closer and closer to a success.


The indefinite reasoning behind a child’s development whose issues are far beyond any actual understanding.


So I have a child who’s not only trying to figure out how to deal with their paranoia but now has just recently figured out he’s got severe anxiety as well. Going to see the doctor has been very beneficial since what she said spoke thousands of colors in my head. It made a lot of sense to know his episodes are triggered by anxiety that causes panic attacks… which now triggers the Psychotic episodes. With a touch more medication just for periods of calming per situation, we may now have it all under control. I am really hoping this war with the mental health issues and those who are supposed to help handle it is coming to an end.


I guess there’s some group of people that act as an advocate to those with mental health issues like my boys. They are almost a lawyer without being a lawyer. They go to the schools, meetings, know the paperwork and the policies, speak on behalf of the child and for the parents while interpreting all the big words and language for the parents about what’s going on. I’m very excited to have someone like this on our side. I just hope it ends up being for the best of the whole situation.


I have a little boy’s birthday coming up soon and I have no plans on what I’m doing at this point in time.  I know what I wanted to do, but now to actually find money and time to do it… almost seems impossible. There’s so much needed and to be done or said and no money or time to do it in. We are always fighting to make the money so that we can afford to do things and be with our children and family and then when we bust our butts to get all this money… we end up having some bill or emergency to spend it on and never get to do with it what we wanted to do with it. I have so many things that are planned and hoped and dreamed of with the best intentions.


Finally both of us are back to work and now it’s time to get everything paid off again as quickly as possible. House payment is falling behind again. We desperately need a water heater. A new one would take our bills down immensely to say the least. I’m excited to be at a job again and this time I’m feeling pretty appreciated where I wasn’t before. The money is on the low side, but so is the economy. I’m kind of excited to be back where insurance is offered. Then whenever I do get my paperwork together, my lady could end up with insurance too. Still working on family pictures. Hoping sometime before the next millennium that we get pictures. I think we would have gorgeous pictures, but it’s so hard to afford them. My lady and our 3 boys with the right photographer.


So my little guy had a wakeup call this last weekend. He got to play his first tball game and boy was he upset. No outs or real home runs. He was screaming and hollering and just plain upset that it was unfair there were no outs or real home runs. He’s sitting here practicing at home for real bats and throws and catches and come to find out that they are all for nothing. He’s very upset to say the least. I have to try to explain to him that it’s not all for nothing. I have to try to tell him that he has to play the little kid baseball before he can play the big kid baseball. Then to top it off… he doesn’t even have that many games. He only has like 5 games. So he’s not very happy, but he still have his heart set on being a Pitcher for the Detroit Tiger one day. The boy can throw well. He just has to work on his catching now. Here’s the kicker…. The boy just taught his older brother how to throw as well. Be surprised what a little guy can do.


I happened to run across a little boy rapper on FB who reminded me of my weebit. I pulled the weebit over and had him listen to the song that was about bullying and being the child of a single mother. The little boy sang real well and weebit love the song. He hopes the kid actually continues to sing so he can learn his music. I think it would be awesome if the weebit learned the song and started singing it all over the place. He loves his music and of course I got him stuck on PINK. I personally think PINK stands for a lot of positive energy. I think she has a real message and I love that my kids listen to her. My little guy just takes all her songs and the words they talk and sings them and dances to them with all his heart.


Ever get one of those trials that you never actually got and then get charged for it? Well there’s this awesome Garcinia Cambogia that I was trying to order on a 14 day trial for my girl and I woke up about 14 days later and realized I got charged 70 dollars for a bottle of product I never received to sample. “How Wude!” So of course I called and complained and they returned my money to me and told me I should be receiving the bottle soon. Then I have 14 days to try it out. First of all… I am not going to try it out now… I don’t trust their company. I think that was a complete shamble.


Now my lady and I are trying to plan a bday for the weebit. His birthday is coming soon and we are trying to figure out how we should do this. I found an art set and a chess set on EBay that I believe will be perfect for him. She found some Detroit Tigers stuff that she’s looking into and together we are thinking of putting the party after the last day of school and having him send out the invitations real soon. Then hotdogs and chips with a Turtle cake it is. We would have him fill out a question sheet for people to know what to get him for his bday and place it in the cards he hands out. What grand Idea right? Hopefully? Not the fancy party we wanted to do with him, but with just getting back to work and all… we didn’t feel we had the ability to do something fancy. Kind of sucks but we will make up for it I’m sure.


Now my baby girl is looking to finally get to go see her mother whom hasn’t seen her for like 4 years. She will be driving off with her and hopefully staying the whole summer. We are excited for her! Maybe this will turn her attitude around and we will have a happy baby girl again. I don’t trust her mother but that’s because I hold grudges badly for those who wrong my family or myself. She has wronged me and my family on more than a few occasions. It’s hard to trust someone who was busted by the DEA for sales and possession and then on top of that was watching your kid when it all went down. Then tries to steal your kid and take possession while you trust them with temporary custody to get on your feet. Then blames their bullshit relationship problems on you because they had a change in heart and felt at the time… Pussy tasted better than Dick.


I’m sorry to be so frank about it, but I can’t stand when someone has to get drunk or have a fight with their boyfriend or husband to get freaky with another woman and then when shit gets down right deep… blames it all on the other woman that they ruined their life because they felt like getting their tongue wet for a few nights. What a mind game! Boy do I have experience in mind games. I’ve been played by both men and women. I had them both get in my pants and play with my heart with some bullshit story of how they felt about me for that moment. Just because you get some off the wall randy thought about trying a different type of pussy with your hand, mouth, or dick doesn’t mean you take the most vulnerable open minded female that you can and take her for a trial spin and then dump her when she doesn’t fit your forte of woman or desires.


So both of us are working again and now starting to get our bills back in order. Also a birthday party. Now to get a list of address from people to send pictures to of our kids. From parents to grandparents and maybe friends or aunts and uncles in-between. This isn’t including our little network of ideas for family pictures. I’m thinking the little package with all the poses going into the Palace would be fun! Have to see if $75 dollars is well worth that thought. I think it would be a blast.


Somewhere in this mess of ideas is the idea of getting the kid’s School Team bags with their names on them for their sports equipment. Our boys are excited about this and can’t wait to see when and if that happens. We searched for hours trying to find the same one that was offered through the school and low and behold it was just about impossible to find. Both of us had our minds and hearts set on a particular type of detail that was supposed to come with the bag and we weren’t finding it. Get this … the whole wonder of our predicament … “Why couldn’t’ we choose where to put their name or initials?” Yes, it was that big of a deal to us. LMAO! Otherwise someone could just walk off with the bag and not know whose it was. Not that they would ultimately notice the initials or the name later on… no that would never happen… parents are so dumb sometimes.


I think it all comes down to the fact that we live and breathe every day to know that our kids are taken care of and in good hands. We want to know they are wearing the best they can, eating the best they can, speaking the best they can, playing the best they can… because we made sure of it… they best WE can! I think I will finally let this post fly and watch who’s eyes and minds it catches… these are just some things in my thought process today…