Another day of Therapy!!!!!

Lol!!! I love it!!! So I guess I should get therapy. At least that’s what I’ve been told. So since my son sees a therapist, I can very confidently tell you that I need to pay some guy/gal $150 an hour to sit there and listen to me bitch about whatever comes to my mind so that they can look at me at the end of it and ask.. “what did that make you feel?”. Then say nice session and have a good day until the next time. Why pay someone that kind of money when I can come online and do the very same thing for free? Just curious! Anyway, I think that is funny and I love when comments come flying through. It tells me that someone out there is reading my blog and obviously it hit them in some way shape or form.


So, I was training mornings at my new job and I was getting up early around 6am. When I was not working, I was getting up around 11am and having a good time with my kids everyday when they were on Spring Break. Now I’m waiting for my work day to start at 4pm and I get to chilax and put some writing in for the day, but I got up at 11am. I’m so excited to go back to work. I can’t wait to deal with people again and do what I do most… make people smile. Obviously the paycheck helps as well. I have so many bills piling up this week and well the last two months that I’m almost drowning. That’s life right? My partner will be going back to work soon as well. She had a pretty decent knee surgery and boy did that torture her. She definitely belongs at work! She doesn’t do well at home with nothing to do but clean and fix things. LOL… lots of friction begins in that scenario.


So now I got my roof done on my house and of course it’s helping out with house insurance. I have so much more to do now. I have to get my kitchen redone, a new boiler for my house, a new microwave, new kitchen chairs, new furniture, and my baby girl fixed. There’s more I’m sure but I’m just starting on my coffee and that means I’m still working on getting my brain cells to initiate. You see the joke is, my coffee would be an IV if it were possible. I need my coffee like that. I’ll tell you what, I don’t see how people can get up bright on early in the morning and drink pop. The fizz kills my throat and the taste is way off. My girl does that and kudos to her for being able to do that, but not for me.


I’m getting a touch ancy about my book, since I’ve had a few questions and inquiries lately and I have not anything to say except it’s coming soon. I never realized how long it really takes to get things going and complete with a book. I did learn something however. I learned the difference between an Autobiography and a Memoir. I guess my memoir needed more intense emotions and decent memories to actually be considered a Memoir. I have written many memories in my blog, but I guess I never thought of that type of thing with my book. I mean the details are sort of there, but it’s more in a time-line type of way than anything. I’m real excited to see the final rendition come about so that I can just read it front to back one more time and really feel what’s going on in the book. I know, you are probably wondering how I can feel what’s going on in the book when it’s my story… right? Well, just because it’s my story doesn’t mean I don’t relive the circumstances again through the words and emotion on the paper.


It’s very interesting to read your own story and start laughing out loud or crying to yourself with shame when you reach certain words of your own story. I almost caught an embarrassment by getting caught reading my story and just dying with laughter and losing my breath and so many other things. My girl walked by and had to come see what all the commotion was about. Then she’d laugh at me and call me “adorable” or “cute” for whatever I was doing or acting like. Yes, my girl still calls me those little words and I LOVE IT! It reminds me that no matter how old I get or how long we’ve been together that she still sees that bright aura around me that invited her heart in with shining colors.


So we have yet to go after that so well commercialized wedding ceremony that all gay couples in Michigan are craving for. Even though we both have said yes and the kids are real excited over it. Even though my tribe is all accepting of it and my work will be ok (I think). Granted I have some other paperwork that needs to be done before we can even think about it. I will begin having my paycheck again soon and then we can get all of our bills caught up and then work on other fun stuff that we are both looking forward to. We both have tattoos that we would love and we are looking forward to. She has some ecig kits that she wants to get asap. Yes, she still hasn’t smoked a real cigarette in almost a year. I guess if you put someone in a less stressful situation and with someone who actually does love and respect them… anything can happen. This woman would smoke good 1-2 packs a day of menthol cigs. Now she’s all ecig. Love it!!! I didn’t have that much of a problem with the smoking issue… in fact I didn’t really start until the stress with my ex. However; now that I’m on the ecig… I can pretty much smoke it anymore I want and there’s no issue. Plus I don’t have the smell now. If your interested in which one that actually worked for us, just message…. I will tell you… it’s awesome, affordable, and they have their own recycling club that lets you afford more at a fraction of the price.


So our oldest son is going back in for another medication review. His Schizophrenia is getting the best of him again. He’s admitted to hearing the voices and not be able to distinguish which voice is which again. That would be quite the struggle for a 12-year-old who’s mentally 8ish. I’ve been researching nonstop to try and understand him more on the deepest level that I can. I am using all types of websites and videos trying to really understand what he’s going through. I can’t very well be helpful if I don’t take into serious consideration how he feels and what he’s going through. I’m on support groups for the same type of Schizophrenia that he has to really get a good look into the world of these people in all ages. I will tell you that Paranoid Schizophrenia isn’t very common in a little boy. I will also tell you that all the med reviews, counseling, and now other programs we are trying can be stressful on a little boy. The worst part for him is he’s got many years to go with the same thing. I can only help him until he’s 18 years old. Then he’ll be an adult and I will have to back off and let him make his own decisions.


So funny thing… my mother was going to give me her old car when she got a new one.. guess who called me this morning and told me she needed help to find another car…. why? Her car quit completely and what else? She knew it was going to quit. Here I thought she would being loving and caring and so forth and of course.. I was getting the shit end of the deal. GGGGRRRRRR… Then I totally cracked myself up! I was sending the emails to my mother for help of getting a car and who knew like 12 emails later… I was sending them to the wrong person. LOL!!! I’m such a dork!!! So I only got to correct and send emails for about 6 or so times and then what have you… Craigslist cut me off!!! LMAO!!! Anyway, off to another day of Therapy!!!!!