A dream is a dream…. right?

If only things made sense today.  If only people knew how bad they hurt you whether or not intentional. If only history didn’t repeat itself so well. If only they knew.

Why the nightmares? Why do you think?

Wherever dreams come from, the thoughts may go. I wonder what they say when the visions flaw. Where do you go when you tell me to stay? Why can’t we go together? There’s a hotel room where I’m supposed to go, but there’s a neighbor with a party who has something to tell me. I’m not sure why but clothes don’t matter and its nothing sexual. She seems to be like a psychic or fortune teller with a message for me. She takes me for a walk around this huge family gathering where everyone we’ve known from the past seems to be here. She brings out these cards and starts pointing out different colors and symbols. Almost like she has a message for me. Almost like a warning. I look around for my love and think I see her but at second glance she’s gone. This woman has upset me with her suttle warnings and to show my distaste of her thoughts and knowledge I raise my shirt with no bra and walk around with her waiting for some type of reaction and get none from from anyone. Almost as if I’m majestic I’m her presence. I leave her side and go looking frantically for my love. I keep circling through out the building and large yard… almost like a field. As I keep circling about, her image keeps almost appearing but at second glance she’s not there. Word spreads that I’m looking for her and others try to comfort as they notice my panic. has my number of doubts and uncertainties succumbed my confidence so deep that only my dreams can send little messages in the little dark place I try to sleep? My relationship though very strong is yet very weak. My trust bounces from dream to lovely dream just as much as any sexual fantasy I’ve never had about my lady I supposedly please. I hope and pray this all eventually makes sense.  This recurring dream that haunts my conscience makes me think “what’s next?”

What do I do when none of this makes sense? What single entrancement is capable of leaving such doubts and bewilderment about a woman I have so much love and devotion towards????

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  1. I’m not sure what ur dreams are about either… I do know I have no reasons to go anywhere but with you as far as long as the road of happiness takes us!!! I love you more than anyone in the world!! You are my lovely lil butterfly!!


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