If You Don’t Believe …

My insides scream when her voice hints expression

I tremble at the thought of her presence

My hands shake when she comes to click the mouse

Her energies are dark destructive and evil


When someone is so deeply ingrained in their own putrid hatred of the world and what the world has supposedly done to them, it’s more than obvious when they look you in the eyes and claim they are a “badass”. It doesn’t take an Empath to realize when someone is being two faced and lying and of course out right rude.


I can’t stand confrontation and don’t get me wrong… it takes a lot for me to go off on someone. I will however when wrongly accused about something, verbally stand up for myself or whomever I feel needs the amount of protection I feel I can provide. I may be small and I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I can tell when someone is just laying out false information or personality for sake of a front. How hard is it to take advantage of someone just because you are in some “hate the world” type of mood? I’m guessing for many it’s real easy.


I have someone in my life right this moment that upsets me and pisses me off from their dishonesty and snakey little ways so bad that I find myself wanting to hit the bottle when I get home. Granted I don’t live like that and I don’t ever plan on living like that, but when I feel this intense about someone or what they make me feel inside… it’s extreme. No, I’m not easily offended or engaged into violent activities per people’s ignorance or stupidity; however when I feel my life or reputation is on the line… you bet your ass I’m going to jump and bring out my guns.


So in the presence of the all mighty herself, I dream of Brandy and Don Julio and do everything in my will power to exude all negative energies any other direction that I can possibly get them to.


In a higher point of solitude, do you ever just sit there and wonder when you are going to hear or see someone that no one else can or will? I’m talking being all alone with no other sound, media, or distraction and just focusing on whatever else is possibly there with you or watching you from the other side? Am I sounding a little twisted or messed up at this point? I’m just being over all honest. I do believe in spirits and I do believe they are all around us. I believe spirits are just different forms of energy that didn’t make it to the other side and now they “float” around trying to figure out their purpose. I also don’t believe they are male or female once they are just the energy. I believe their resonance or aura of what they were at one time, is still there but dormant for another lifetime birth.


Where did all this come from? Honestly it’s just what i feel. I sit back and let energies run through me and watch shows, movies, documentaries, and read and let the energies run through me for what is “real” so to speak. It’s hard to explain and someone who’s not in touch with their spiritual side would pretty much tell me to “grow up” or “bug off” with my fantasies or stories. Others who are more open minded may be able to understand even slightly what I’m talking about. When you sit and meditate, your body mind and soul is at its most vulnerable state. Any type of energy or spiritual being has the ability to enter into your world and take advantage of that time any way it can. So whatever type of spiritual energies or forms that are surrounding you if you aren’t careful can and will try to enter into your energy field that you are focusing on. Scary? Meditation is more than just sitting quietly in a cross style humming with your eyes closed. I’ve been recently informed that someone I’m decently close to meditates quite often. Here’s the kicker… this person meditates in a haunted building. LOVE IT!!!


So now if and when I ever enter this building and per say feel or see something, it’s usually having to pertain to whatever mediation has taken place or whatever energies have decided to stay. More often than not if I enter into an “occupied” area I can feel the presence and generally I know when and if that particular being or presence is evil or has an evil intent. Again this kind of stuff is very often shrugged off or not believed, but I didn’t have much of a choice when I was growing up. When I was a child, we had whom we called “George” who followed us everywhere we went. Most people mom was friends with or became family toward, thought mom was blowing smoke up their ass. We kids knew he was real and we saw it often.


We would be sitting in the living room and all of a sudden, the tv would turn channels to some news channel or turn off at night. We would be sitting in the living room and a dish would come out of the dish strainer and off the counter and fall to the floor. We would all be in the kitchen and the back door would open and shut after a couple of seconds on it’s own and then the front door would open and shut after a few seconds on it’s own. There were so many times we heard some man’s voice in the next room laugh or talk and when we looked, there was no one there. So as we were raised, mom would say “oh it’s just George, everyone say hi George” and we’d all say hi. There was also the “George knock it off” phrase we were told to shout out.

Never know what you are going to get yourself into when and if you don’t believe…

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