The Beautiful Picture

Evil (Photo credit: Jordan W)


It’s so hard to fight the evil when it seems to come knocking at your door. It comes in like a friend and smiles like it cares, then you blink more than once and secretly it tears. Bit by bit and strand by strand like an embezzlement of money penny by penny. No one knows it’s happening until enough has been said, that you notice the negativity has been successfully spread. People dying, some just crying, amputations begin, his thoughts are a sin. I don’t get it with all we’ve done. Our hearts betrayed us and we aren’t the only one. Open minded ideas get you into trouble, with all that’s happening in the world today… it’s hard to be humble.


Our world comes falling down every single day. More tears are shed with no one showing the way. Our thoughts are heavy, our fears are deep… so many different energies I can’t keep. Don’t know which way to turn or who to believe. Constant worry … looking for relief. Our bond is strong, we’ve come a long, life’s against us or at least it seems. So many things gone wrong, so many worries piling up… why do they keep fighting us… how did we mess up. On the way soon, we’ll be smudging the room… at least the entire house and in our children’s rooms we will stare. So many problems, so much doubt, so much hatred, lying, stealing, cheating, hurting, killing … the negativity gets real thick. My hands tremble, my breath stays low… I’m hoping all this fear doesn’t show.


There was this beautiful picture on the wall. The scene was gorgeous with sunset and all. The family by the water and children were plenty. The animals were healthy and money was a bit scarce. The picture hung so wonderfully on that wall. We’d get to walk by and enjoy the scene. The adorable picture hung so still and nice and clean. Then one day a spirit set in. Something happened so quickly within. The smiles started to fade and animals ran away. The people in that picture weren’t so happy and the sunset’s colors began to fade. This beautiful picture that hung on that wall began to hang crooked almost to fall. Pieces started falling… a little from here and a little from there. Everything happening so quickly, their lives were in despair.


They didn’t understand what went so wrong. Why all of a sudden positivity was gone? More pieces were falling everyday they walked by. This once beautiful picture almost made them cry. No matter what they did or what they said, it would hold together by glue, tape, or thread. What must they do to keep this gorgeous scene? Changes had to be made before their eyes turned green. Confusion filled the room as more of the picture started to fade. Blame was setting in and doubt was starting to play. Who caused this huge unforgivable mess, these smiles deserved to stay. Details are thrown about naming everybody involved, still no answer and the picture is about to fall. Can we catch it, even with both hands? Everybody work together and see if our faith stands.


So many pieces missing from it now… is it really worth saving with most of it on the ground? Those smiles are worth saving right? Those animals were given a fright. The family was so real with futures you could truly feel. The water went dark and smiles almost gone, why fight for something so much negativity got in on? A dark cloud circles the room; spirits start to sing a song of doom. Evil laughter heard across the way, was it someone we know or spoke to today? Any evil spirit is hard to understand. It’s hard to say no when they grab you by the hand. The picture’s almost gone as very few pieces have stayed, what’s it going to take to brighten this visual day? What was once so pretty, pure, and blue… now lie stagnant losing it’s hope too.


Pretty little picture that sat on the wall, Pretty little picture had a great fall. Several pieces lie on the floor as everyone stood around smiling no more. Do we pick up the pieces and put them away? Do we give up hope and throw them away? No real reason that the pieces started to fall, except all the negativity that took over us all. Do our words, actions, feelings, and emotions really mean so much? Did it really just take the slightest evil touch? Who would dare hold a power so strong? Who would dare play that evil game all along? Why waste your time on a family so rare? Why make it obvious you never wanted to be there?


Nothing makes sense… it’s all jumbled thoughts. Wash me with your joy; I look forward to the lather. Our hope falls astray and nothing seems to matter. All we can do is laugh at this horrible day, so much negativity that was never invited to stay. Opened our hearts and our minds got tricked; the evil danced around watched our mouths throw a fit. It was too late, demons took our fate.


Our love stays strong with our faithful little bond. The happy thoughts too … even though very few. It’s true what they say, appreciate every single day. You never know when your picture will fade or your pieces will fall away. We did everything right or so we thought that faithful night. As the darkness closes in, our hope has become thin. Words become few and we don’t know what to do.