The Secret Medicine

Smudge sticks
Smudge sticks (Photo credit: H Dragon)


Should I smudge my path


The doorway opens


The energies rise


After words being spoken


The negative vibrations


Through each soul stay


Our auras encompass us


Our thoughts follow our day


Hatred, anger, violence too


All the bad things coming through


I should wash my hands


With the sage and sweet grass


The hidden treasure that waits


The secret medicine


Over the head, neck, and stomach


Anywhere that’s sick or hurt


Don’t let prayer lack


Be thankful for the gift


Let words flow through your mouth


From your heart to your hands


Concentrate on the light


Walk from door to door


Walk from window to window


Let the energies absorb the smoke


Upstairs and downstairs


I feel the vibrations go


Smudging takes belief and understanding


Many things said that were unclear


Many things done to me here


Our relationships are important


Our communication has to be REAL


Our hearts have to be open


Our lives are so dear


Too many negatives have filled the house


To many dark energies


Where does it come from


Who brings such thoughts here


When everything falls


I want to run


Violence from some is still too many


Dark eyes follow


Hitting, punching, screaming


Time to clear the air


Our love is strong and very deep


Our family is important


Bloodlines crawl into dark spaces


Waiting for the moment


Waiting for a chance


Watching the cracks in the wall


Watching the scrapes on the glass


Hearing doubt in people’s minds


Listening for the perfect time


To push negative energies through


To let the dark spirits run


Our children play so innocent


Our children hear what they say


These little innocent people


Need to be cleansed right away


Chances were taken


Hearts were broken


Our smudging time as come


What came in must go out


There’s no home for it now


Our bonds are strong


Our promises real


We know what we feel


Let the sage rise


Let the Great Spirit guide


Put our thoughts aside


Cleansing takes time


But works just right


Before our emotions


Find the wrong to confide


A few times a year


That’s what they say


The history we have


A Few times a day


My love was shared


I stand real still


That time has come


For the room to fill


Forgive and forget


I doubt shall I say


But moving on is best


When negative vibes are put to rest