Under This Spell!!

Crystal structure of Vammin, a VEGF-F from a s...
Crystal structure of Vammin, a VEGF-F from a snake venom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My feelings have gone haywire


My words can’t describe


The hatred it rising


The anger won’t subside


Internal emotional blunder


Tears want to fall


Fists clench for thirst


To fight the first wall


How did it happen?


What can I say?


My  love for people


Got the best of me


Do I crave family so much


The betrayal comes naturally?


My heart was wide open


I was told to stay away


You play with a virus


You are going to get sick


No matter how you touch it


Their looks can pull you astray


A snake bites with venom


The venom goes through your veins


You have a choice to trust those around you


And live another day


Someone have to suck the poison out


To make everything ok


Then will you trust the deadly thing again?


The strength it takes to suck it all out


Can more than take your breath away


The one who put it there


Lies alone waiting for their next prey


My trust is now tainted


My doubt holds very still


My love for another is faded


Time to go for the kill


I hear you can take the venom from a snake


Just like you can other reptiles


But you have to be a pro


Or you too will be exiled


My energies scream in trouble


My heart aches for their pain


My inner child knows


There’s always a lesson to gain


Breathing more slowly now


Starting to calm down


That venom won’t take me


The snake can’t make me


It’s time for my sense to come around


I hope I’m still open-minded


I hope love it still the key


Happiness has its wakening


When all you have is what you see


My words crumble


Watching lives become dense


Our challenges are here


It’s time to make sense


Whatever I’m faced with


I know it’s meant well


I won’t be taken advantage of


I won’t be put under this spell