Can I cheat if I play?







My heart is hurting!


Action speaks louder when not betrayed by word...
Action speaks louder when not betrayed by words – NARA – 513752 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I feel withered and alone




The pain that exists




Tears me up so deep inside




Why do I try




I’ve been told to quit




I’ve been told to back off




I’ve been told to slow down




Didn’t listen again.




My hands tremble




My breath is shallow




Not sure what to think




What have I done?




Why do they do this?




What makes it so real?




The depth of the cut




Makes limbs of thought fall




With eternity in view




My decisions continue to stay




Why do I think this way?




What should I say?




Feeling betrayed




I can’t seem to think




Running ragged in my mind




Actions start to follow along




Blinded by the love of youth




Wishing things could change




The beautiful innocent smile




Those wild endearing eyes




My doubt has betrayed me again




The conscience plays games




What’s right and wrong today?




Can I cheat if I play?




A family’s burden is made by themselves




Their decisions their own




Why type of enraged monster I’ve become




Makes the bed for the actions




That are about to take place.