A Wild Card Ran Over My Trump Card… Game On!!!


Wild Card
Wild Card (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)


Let me just get this straight!!! I don’t regret anything I did in my life!!! I don’t live to regret, I live to learn and move on!!!! I have made many decisions in my life and some I’m not proud of, but I don’t regret!!! I have learned in the last year, who is REAL in my life and who is fake!!! I have learned who I can trust and who I can’t!!! I have learned who the snakes are in the grass, slithering around waiting for that perfect chance to bite me and who are the wolves standing around… waiting to protect me!!! Just because I don’t immediately confront someone with something I know about them, doesn’t make me stupid or retarded. I wait for people to bury themselves with their own stupidity!!! You can run your mouth online or offline all day long, but you are the one who will have to live with your words in the end!!!!


I’ve had a long hard road in my life and I’ve taken my children away from many things that I felt were not beneficial to their well-being in any way. Let’s get this straight!!! I have my children because I’m a good mom!!! I’ve let a lot of people hurt me in the past and present that don’t have a clue that I realize how two-faced and backstabbing they are being, but I allow all the negativity to come through in their own colors so that when I do finally come to the table with my knowledge…. I don’t have much to prove. I do have this problem that I don’t like to be told NO on something and I can honestly say, it’s hurt me in many ways in the past by not listening to some people when they told me NO. I will now honestly say there is one person in my life in particular that I would like to say “I’m Sorry” to for not listening when they told me NO. I’m realizing my ability to help people and animals per say “hurts me” in the long run.


In no way is my humility a weakness in my several circumstances of equal respect that no one is perfect. My humility is a way to show that I don’t need drama to fill my life with worth of living in it. I can speak of all the evils, lies, thievery, and cheating going on that I know about… but what does that get me in the end? My life contains my family. Those who are my family know and understand that! I can and will always have YOUR back as long as you are honest and have mine as well, but don’t for a second think that my kindness and wholeheartedness keeps me from being the BITCH that I need to be to keep myself and my family safe. Don’t for a second think that any type of stupidity and two-faced personalities that show themselves, won’t be warned only once before I give a good boot up the ASS for the complete dishonor that these type of people have caused me and my family.


I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I don’t put up with lies and cheating and stealing. I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I will only give one chance as a “oops” and the next is a warning. You get to three and you honestly and seriously don’t want to know me! I’m really tired of sticking my neck out for people and going way THE FUCK out of my way to help people, only to find out… not only do they not appreciate it… but they actually find ways to deceive you and go behind your back to do it. Why do I keep spending money on helping people who don’t give a Fuck to help themselves? Why do I keeping wasting my time on people I’m warned about over and over again? Why can’t I just be the evil BITCH I know I can be and just say NO to people regardless of the situation? Why do I keep letting people walk all over me? I’m so sick and tired of defending my actions and words to people that they were created for!!


It bothers me that I’m such a very gold-hearted person and open my heart, life, home, children, and world to people and in hopes that they will keep their promises to me and my family…. Only to find out later down the road…. I’ve been played!!! The sad part is, most of the time I do feel it coming and I know something is up, but I will give benefit of the doubt that I Might Be Wrong!!! Unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often that I’m wrong! I had a wild card put in front of me… Anyone who knows me… knows I don’t do the decision-making process very well, but I took the trump card and ran with it blindly just because I felt that trump card deserved a chance. A wild card does what?


Well think about it! When you receive a wild card in your hand, what do you do? Sit back and wait for the right moment to use it… right? It can be used for a good purpose or a bad purpose! Well this time the trump card did not overcome the wild card…. You would think the trump card would have held a higher reign or purpose and kept reason for the wild card to stay neutral. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The wild card has made a move past the trump card and it was on the dark side. So I must look back to my hand and play the next card that’s going to make or break this GAME!!! Do I like the move I have to make? HELL NO!!! I feel that trump card should get a better chance than that, but I have to keep in mind the hand I was dealt with, is the one I have to play…. So GAME ON!!!!