At Night … In a Dark Alley!!!

English: Second dogs first smile. Happy Pit Bull.
English: Second dogs first smile. Happy Pit Bull. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’m being reminded now why I don’t exercise. I have this uncanny ability to take people, animals, ghosts, or whatever else decides it’s homeless or needs help into my friendly abode I call a home. Every time I do for some reason I get a not so friendly reminder why I keep telling myself “it will never happen again”. Yet for some unforbidden reason, I keep open opening my doors like a blind fool to just about anyone or anything with a smile. This time it was two very sorry fur ball souls that were starved, neglected, and more than likely abused. What’s my point? Well, other than the fact these lovely little boys obviously called out for my help for some reason, if I would have waiting much longer… I can’t say they would have stayed alive.

I believe everything happens for a reason and this time, I was definitely proved right on my energies. My persistence proved to be very useful in this circumstance and boy am I paying for it now. Not in a bad way… except I can’t move or breath right at this point in time. My arm hurts to hold up, my elbow hurts to have my shirt sleeve up, my neck is killing me (not from a hicky this time), my ass bone hurts to sit down (not from rough sex either… just saying), my hands are even tingling, and it’s all from this new exercise that I discovered. Pit-bull in the dark is the best and worst type of exercise you can have. I firmly believe it even out does Taebo. Only because all my muscles hurt like I was at a gym for several hours and all I did was take a walk down a dark alley with a pit-bull and gave him a lot of attention and love.

First off, I can’t see well in the dark anyway. Second off, his excitement to my touching him threw me off so badly,  I went into panic mode when his little chompers got a hold of my work shirt and I hit the dark wet ground. Third off, by the time I got done screaming for what seemed several minutes to gain a rescue from someone in the nearby vicinity, my voice rattled off into the distance and my wildly trembling legs, hands, and stumbling feet could only find the back seat of the car to catch my existence again. I wasn’t scared per say.  I know if the little 7 month old wanted to hurt me, he had more than enough chance to do so. I was proven to my first assumption however; never take a strange pit bull on a walk in a dark alley at 2 am with your work clothes on and give him loveyz.

So in my awesome panic mode, I lost my breathe, couldn’t walk straight, had blurry vision, and got the dog to realize I’m a real good play toy at night by myself.  So if you ever want an exercise program that won’t let you down, you can take your lover, partner, friend, wife, cousin or whichever gullible soul you can find to drag outside into the unknown and laugh at…. and take a walk with a pit-bull at night in a dark alley. I did and boy do I feel it!!! Who needs hours of exercise for this type of pain, when you can get it in just a few minutes… for free even….


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