Michigan is Trying to Regulate our Sex Lives!!! Wow!!

English: The White Knot symbol for Marriage Eq...
English: The White Knot symbol for Marriage Equality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So if it wasn’t bad enough growing up to be ashamed of who I was and what I wanted or felt was right, hiding in my room and sneaking kisses or trying to glance at swim suit issues or catalogs of women’s bras and underwear. If it was bad enough going through school having some girls throughout the years show some type of interest in me, but when I showed it back I got into big trouble at home and at school. If it wasn’t bad enough to find out my family and friends were ashamed to be around me when I was talking so much about beautiful women and wanting to sit next to pretty girls or taking a smile the wrong way. If it wasn’t bad enough to get bits older and find out I was only good enough to be with or have sex with when a woman was drunk. If it wasn’t bad enough to be disowned by my family every day of my life that I wasn’t with or trying to be with some guy, I would have to open my eyes everyday and wish I was NORMAL.


I have to watch every day when and where I give kisses in public to my fiancé or I can be glared at, ridiculed, offend someone, fired, and so many other things. It’s already a struggle every day to be who we are with no shame in our life or our children’s lives and how we chose to raise them. It’s already hard to dodge to looks or the comments when we go to the store, free food, family functions, or school with us being together let alone holding hands and GOD forbid we show each other affection. Now we have a whole new ball game coming at us.


Work place protections would be so awesome in so many ways!! I hate having to hide my love for my woman behind the wall, out of cameras, in the car, or wherever else we can sneak in a kiss that won’t get me fired or offend the public. What’s so wrong with a loving deep embrace between two very dedicated individuals who are living together and raising three beautiful children? Well, hopefully Michigan comes through and we won’t have to worry about that anymore. We all have our fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes, crossed, and whatever else we could find that would help any.


The newest one Michigan is looking to fight? Oh this is just a Grand Entry to problems this time. Ready for this? Fighting marriage equality and same-sex adoptions to regulate sexual relationships!! Yes, now we are all teenagers according to the government and need our SEX lives regulated for procreation. If it wasn’t bad enough as a child going through the tortures of being treated wrong, badly, obscure, and so forth. Now we have the government using the same parental standards as a tactic to keep Michigan populated. Now obviously it takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby, but here’s my question. Aren’t we already fighting for the children we currently have in Michigan to afford to feed them, house them, love them, clothe them, and for teach them? Why bring our children into this fight of same-sex marriage in a sense that you can’t be in a relationship unless you make children? What about the children already here?


I may sound redundant or overdone in this category, but this is going to be a subject that is going to get brought up in my love and I’s life very soon. When we get married our lives become more than just one. Our family combines, our paperwork combines, our finances combine, and our world’s are entwined in a way that’s much deeper than just a man and a woman having sex to make a kid. We already have our children and we have to worry daily about them being housed, fed, clothed, and taught correctly. Why worry about procreation with so many children in this already messed up and extremely confusing world that we have all dug and buried ourselves into so eloquently? Why keep same-sex marriage from happening with a cop-out excuse like sex regulation? Do you want someone coming to your home and saying you can’t have that man here even if you love him and have been with him so many numbers of years, because we have to regulate your sex with him in the name of procreation? Of course not!!! That’s just as bad as these underage marriages in other countries happening that are sexually tearing little girls apart because their government regulates their sexual lives and marriages. That’s just as bad as telling us as a community that it’s wrong to be gay and that we have to come to God to repent at whatever church, but all over the US pastors and priests are being caught with boys sexually “trying to bring them to God”.


How does any of this make sense?? Why does it matter what a couple does in the bedroom and why does the government feel this is a valid argument? Desperation? You know what they should regulate more closely? They should get on their super-duper computers and regulate the child pornography and black market sex industry. That’s what they should regulate!! They should pay attention more closely to all the missing children popping up more and more all over the country and regulate what’s being done about that.


I’ve had quite a few people ask me just how many of “us” there were out there. I have had them challenge me on the fact that we aren’t that large of a community and we shouldn’t have any so-called rights. Here’s the funny part! We know who we are, we know what it takes to be us, and we know if everyone opened their eyes as well as their hearts… they’d realize there’s a lot more of us in incognito than what most think. I won’t say in hiding so-to-speak, but I will say incognito. We don’t need to brag about our lives, our life styles, or the way we survive. All you need to know is we have, we do, and we will…. Regardless of what the government, the public, or the media wants to say, prove, or show… just like tomorrow is another day… someone you know might be gay in the same struggle that many others are… fighting to be who they are and you WILL NEVER KNOW UNLESS THEY WANT YOU TO!!!


I’ll be honest, it does seem easier to live the way the world wants; however when you take a look around at everyone who’s recently come out from the illusion they called life… you will see the tortures they overcame to live the “easy way”. I’m certainly not going to speak for everyone out here or there in the LGBTQ community, but I will say for me and my partner… The government does not need to regulate our sex lives for their belief against marriage equality, because we don’t have to be married to have sex!!!