Once is too much!!!

English: Banksia sesselis dead flower
English: Banksia sesselis dead flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I only have a slight problem with being told I remind someone of their very abusive, lying, cheating, stealing no good rotten ex. I can’t see why that would cause a problem when all they did was everything possible to destroy and deteriorate anything to do with your existence. I mean why would that cause any speculation of current attitude when the reminder of that particular person makes your stomach turn and your eyes water of the pain that came through for so many years? There’s no reason any depth of thought should be contained or pertain to anyone’s feelings being slashed about such a comment.


Especially when this particular reminded person begins complete anguish and hatred and self loathing at just the momentary thought of their past resentment. I would hope this memory wouldn’t come very often… I would hope my personality or actions would bring such agony to someone who often. Even though once is too much!!


Wouldn’t you say once is too much???