Too Gay and Rich for Help???

English: Caruthersville, MO, 4-15-06 -- This f...
English: Caruthersville, MO, 4-15-06 — This food bank holds donations of food and clothing given to the town of Caurthersville, MO. following a tornado that hit the town on April 2, 2006. Hundreds of people have been coming to the community center for food and supplies. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m just curious today! I have a peculiar question for everyone. What happens if you’re too poor to survive, but to rich to get any help? We are struggling crazy to pay bills and make ends meet, but when we all come together … we make too much for food stamps. Here’s another crazy thing… we went to free food today and upon entry we figured out a couple of things that I want to share with you.


  1. We are too gay for help. We got snide comments left and right and dirty looks crazy.
  2. We are too rich for help. Our income does not abide by their levels for FREE FOOD.
  3. We look too good for help. Our clothes weren’t torn and dirty and we had cell phones… again snide comments and dirty looks.
  4. We are too far away for help. We live in the wrong county for help (20 min away)


So with the “one time” bunch of bags that were thrown our way to leave, we grabbed our goodies after signing a “we are not responsible” waiver. Yes, they had a waiver that they were not responsible for anything that happens once the food is in our hands. We are to take the FREE FOOD “as is” and leave. Wow!!! Really? A waiver for FREE FOOD? Who the hell started this shit? What is this world coming to? It’s FREE people! Why would you BITCH about FREE food in the first place? I was told by a lady “We did what we had to when we had to” when I asked her about the waiver. I don’t mind signing it… I was just appalled at the idea that they would have to come to that point in their Volunteering. These places get their FREE FOOD just before it expires from nearby groceries and markets. Why would someone put them through some legal BS when they are just trying to help those in need?


So then we grabbed our baggies and went home. Well, With 10 people living with you all of a sudden, you might need a bit more than just a few baggies of food. So we took it to the next step. Mana Food Project here we come!!! Much better response! Much better people!! Much more acceptance for the amount of people in the household as well. No dirty looks for being clean, gay, far away (20 min), or rich. In fact we got offered to go to another pantry that they have and we were told to come back every week for more help.




That’s my kind of place!!!! Just had to share this tad bit of information… Have a good day!!!