Cheating? Back to the Drawing Board!!!

energy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


Well, the weirdest thing has happened to me lately. I know I have energies and gifts beyond my thorough understanding, but this one actually severely has me puzzled. I have had two dreams lately that my loveliness is or has cheated on me. This isn’t the possible I seen her walk into a room with someone and I assumed type of cheating. This is walk into room dick in pussy type of cheating. Now if that’s not enough, the dream showed her cheating with her ex boyfriend and surrounded by all her playmates from back in the day. Wow!!! Now remember I had this dream or similar two times now. Very detailed, very real, very creepy, and boy did it piss me right the HELL off!!!! So bad, that I caught myself actually giving her an attitude over it. Yes, I gave her an attitude in REAL LIFE over the dream that I had of her cheating on me. OK, sound ridiculous? Well, I thought so on the L Word when I saw it with Shane, but now that I felt it… it felt pretty real and legit to be upset about.


Here’s my problem, I have energies, visions, dreams and all kinds of gifts that lead me to certain abilities of telling the future or feeling what’s going to happen. So if I have a dream in this caliber… You’re DAMN right it pisses me off!!! Everything I see and feel leads to some sort of truth. It always has and I have hardly ever been wrong … period! I don’t like it either, but it’s completely true!!! So here’s my gig… dream of girl cheating on me with a man of her history. Here’s the kicker… she’s got no chance to cheat on me. She’s with me, sleeping, eating, days off, and then works. There’s one person at her work I sense pretty high energies from her about and yes he’s a guy, but it’s not her ex boyfriend. So worry? No, if she wants him and to give up all we have… then I say go for it!! Don’t waste my time or hers. Do I think she’s going to? Not a chance!!! I make her happier than she’s EVER been!!! So why would she give that up? OK, down to the important part… these energies are coming from somewhere, these visions are coming from somewhere, these feelings are coming from somewhere …. Right?


So what happens when someone isn’t happy where they are at? They get mean, with drawn, snappy, and just don’t seem to care anymore right? Well… let’s see here…. She’s been mean, she’s been snappy, and she’s been a bit careless… but Viola! She’s bipolar… Wow! That totally wrapped all that up in one little cute burrito didn’t it? So is she withdrawn lately then? No, I can’t say she is. So then that’s not a match. I know she’s definitely getting what she needs and what she wants… lol… I made DAMN sure well this week!!! So that’s not matching this scenario at all. Then what it comes down to is plain assumption on these characteristics right? Well, I don’t like assumptions and I feel facts are the only parts that should be in place of this circumstance. Hmm… back to the drawing board.


Well, why would all these feelings and energies come into play on someone I know isn’t doing it or going to do it? Why all these extreme feelings on a subject that shouldn’t even be into the playing field? Well, I’m still not sure and my girl is VERY upset about them as well. If she can be in a 9 year relationship and be abused, cheated on, played with, used, and so forth without cheating? Chances are she’s definitely not going to cheat on someone who’s treated her like the queen she should be treated like.  I spoil her rotten in every way shape and form my little brain can come up with and oh boy does she do the same! So again, why all these feelings, visions, emotions, energies, and so forth? The next step in dream analogy? How do you ask an Empath why they are feeling and seeing what they are feeling and seeing?


So it’s none of my business what people do here or outside of work that’s not my family or friends right? What if I can’t help it? What if I feel so strongly something about somebody that I don’t even know? Where does this come in this my girl? You will have to wait a minute for that. When a perfect stranger drives by in a car and stops to ask for a cell phone for their girlfriend and your energies SCREAM cheater…. This might be a bad thing!!! When a perfect stranger walks up to the front desk and your energies SCREAM cheater and control freak… this might be a bad thing!!!! When you are standing there and every about this person seems mean, wrong, evil, BAD GUY and whatever else can come across… this might be a BAD THING!!!! Here’s the thing… don’t know the guy… don’t know the girl… her energies from the beginning have been great, friendly, awesome, fun and so forth. His energies… DAMN… I don’t even know the guy and my heart starts pumping uncontrollably for EVIL. Now do you think I’m being a little extravagant or extreme or assuming too much? I would love to agree… except, now that this guy has come into play in my life (brief as it may be)… my dreams are gone of my LOVELY VIOLET cheating on me and my energies are gone of her being DIRTY. So, where again does any of this make any sense? I NEVER said it was supposed to actually make sense, I just told you I would explain to you what was going on through my mind and my head with all this things. So maybe my energies have been drawn from this guy and assumed to be my girl because I was with my girl when they hit? Well, we did have some bits of arguing going on the night of my NIGHTMARES.


Once again we are back at the drawing board. My energies are screaming CHEATING and LYING, but it happens to be happening when my girl is around. Well, one thing I’m learning very quickly as an EMPATH… just because your energies are SCREAMING something when someone is around you… doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about that person. Here’s the thing though… when I’m connected to someone so close like FIANCE, I get clouded with my energies. So what does that make 5 years of my life with a man who I knew in some way was messing around? Well… not a mistake that’s for sure… too many good things came out of that relationship, but definitely a lesson learned on cloudiness. So my cloudiness is driving me to the thought process that someone somewhere is CHEATING on their partner or lover or whatever… and BAM!!!!! In my face walks this male energy and all of a sudden… I’m nervous… I’m fearful… I’m worried… I’m sweating… I’m hyperventilating… my heart won’t slow down!!! To top it all off, I can’t help but to notice behavioral patterns with this male energy both times I came into contact.


Maybe I’ll be lucky and it will just be some type of illness or diagnosis he’s got. Think about it. Psychotic? Schizophrenic? Bipolar? How about just plain old anger management? I did ask our lovely lady friend if her male entity was a “people person” and like all FRONTS… she claims he’s more of a people person than she is… could have fooled me! Ok, my bad… I came into contact three times with him and all three times his behavioral patterns, his energies, his facial expressions… damn!!! Well, who am I to judge right?


So what do I do with energies so REAL? Do I ignore the fact that something is EVIL with him and he’s doing or going to do something wrong? Well, how would you explain to a perfect stranger that you have energies that are screaming her counterpart is CHEATING or EVIL in some way even though you can’t explain how or why except you FEEL it? Yeah right!!! Not happening… so once again… CHEATING? Back to the drawing board!!!!