A Mother’s Job is NEVER done!!!

A false-color image of my eye. Used to illustr...
A false-color image of my eye. Used to illustrate that I wear glasses and that I like to edit photographs heavily. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I totally couldn’t help it!!! I went to Lulu and did the unthinkable… I made a version of my book so that I could get some reviews. I have a couple of people I want to read it, but they can’t get access to the internet. So I did the absolutely unthinkable. I made a version that’s not perfect, but readable and got it sent to my home so I can get some reviews on it. I’m still waiting for a response from the publisher that told me they were reading my book for possible publication. They tell me I have to wait for like 4-6 weeks. Talk about total torture!!! I swear it’s worse than waiting for Xmas as a child. I’m looking each day or hour at my email screaming… Why not yet???


So I’m a tad bit pathetic and I already knew this so it doesn’t matter. I love the fact that I’ve had a couple already tell me that they couldn’t put the book down and when they did, it pissed them off that they couldn’t continue it right away. One of these people NEVER reads and one of them always reads, but only really good books by really awesome authors. So total confidence boost no matter how you look at it. I can’t believe I only have to wait about a week and my fake version of my book will be in my hands to hand off to my very respectable reviewers. Then when I get a few really good reviews on the book that tells it like it is, I can get my cover edited and viola! So turns out my book being edited to a 6X9 is about 255 pages. It’s just over 50,000 words once I got some very interesting Acknowledgements in the beginning started. The cover is “bad ass” as I’ve been told. So now it’s all up to the answer from the publisher and the completion of the reviews.


Here’s the interesting part. I’ve already been touching lives and I have the honor of a very respective therapist from Hawaii that’s going to review my book when she gets back home in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see what this wonderful lady has to say about lil o’l me. So even though my book touches on some very sensitive but true subjects, the humor has been pulling people through with a smile. I love it!!! I really hope there are some very understanding and open-minded people out there that can really read something as is and be able to laugh at it. Well, I have a feeling the readers of my blog will have no problem with this since I am a totally sarcastic BITCH in all that I do.


In all the greater parts of my world, I have a child that’s completely head over heels about this school year and another child that’s complete withdrawn from wanting the school year. Then I have a beautiful boy who’s in between and doesn’t really care as long as you tell him how awesome and smart he is. With the older one being about mature enough to walk to school or ride his bike even though he can’t seem to make himself a sandwich at home without a ton of problems down to spilling a jar of peanut butter, and the middle child going into sports and finally making some local friends that he can begin looking forward to seeing… the youngest just sits back and finds reasons to agitate them both.


My lovely lady is busting her ass to make her job make sense even though every time she turns around another promise or word is broken from what she was told. She made it to the top of the ladder pretty much in a year, so that’s a plus. She got a descent pay raise and help to put this awesome 82 Ford on the road to drive to work. More or less be on call and everybody’s little helper as needed. I have to give her kudos though… she claims he loves her work and hasn’t lost her temper yet. (She’s bipolar so that’s quite the feat). Her bloodline carries it so well that each of their family members show very brightly how much of their colors come from the bipolar family upon any visual inconvenience that has become some type of misunderstanding. Definitely something to consider upon waking up and finding that some turned the fridge down and now we have “piss warm” pop to take to work. *duck* (Thar she blows)…


I like big butts and I cannot lie
I like big butts and I cannot lie (Photo credit: J. Star)


So in another sense, summer is here and yet we are working our TINY little butts off. (Accentuate the tiny cause I get into trouble saying big) LOL… All the awesome activities that are planned for the summer here are very forlorn without our presence. With the luxury of working all the weekends and maybe convincing someone somewhere with or without experience to cover for you, all them activities are fun to look at but keep to themselves. I’ve made it a point to see at least one thing with my family this year. Not that I’m going to be able to take 4 hours and just chill enjoying it. I can’t get past an hour or so without something happening that makes clearly hopeless to expect anything. BUT I’m surely not complaining. . .


One day off isn’t bad as long as you don’t have to do all your phone calls, running around, paying bills, and whatever other order of business on that day… cause then you wouldn’t have any time to spend with the kids. Then when you don’t go to bed till the rooster crows so that you can have some honey time in the process of elimination of important things to do… well getting up before 12 or 2 or maybe 3pm seems to be quite a challenge. As long as the pop isn’t “piss warm” and the coffee if available and ready… the day carries on pretty well past 5 in the evening. The down side… week days there seems to be nothing going on that late at night. Cheap and free is our motto and these days and no one seems to like that either. Shit! Even the dollar stores need layaways these days, cause it takes an arm and a leg to save up enough after paying bills, getting gas, feeding the family, and well living life to get there for anything. I couldn’t imagine the interest in that scenario.


My wonderful manager, boss, GM, owner or whatever title he carries this week has brought up a fabulous idea for US to try. Yes, I said that correctly US to try. He’s into homeopathic remedies and very well-known for finding ones that work. So here goes a little secret that I found out. You can do the research if you want, I was on the internet for 4 hours looking everything up I could find on it. Ready?


Himalayas (Photo credit: little byte of luck)


I know the recipe that acts as a cure for any eye disease out there and can rid you of your glasses. His uncle has already done it. Ok, did you catch that? Again! I know of a recipe that acts as a cure for any eye disease out there and can rid you of your eye glasses. I’ve ordered it online already and just as all great products configure themselves… it’s not coming from the US. It’s coming from Iceland but it’s made from the Himalayas. When you research it, make sure you look up the ingredients… that’s awesome to find out what it’s actually made of…. There’s no hidden story or anything. I will tell you now what to do and you can believe me or not. I have to admit I’m a see believer and I saw the look in the Big Dog’s eyes when he told me his uncle has been wearing glasses for years and now after taking this stuff for a month… he’s free of them. WOW!!!!


Recipe for eye drops as recommended by Baba Ramdevji




1 spoon of ginger juice
1 spoon of white onion juice
1 spoon of lemon juice
3 spoons of honey.

filter very well with a clean cloth .Store in a  small glass bottle.
This should be refrigerated.

Use this mixture as eye drops .1 drop twice a day in the morning and evening in both the eyes.

This is also available as “Netra Jyothi” eye drops in Baba Ramdev‘s  pharmacy outlets.
This is said to improve the vision of the eyes and also reduce cataract and glaucoma symptoms. This can  also  be used by people who have redness in the eyes, eye strain. This homemade eye drops  removes the fine dust from the eyes and  also prevents further diseases associated with eye problems.

It is also essential that one should practice pranayam daily in the mornings. This will make the recovery faster.

(Cataract and Glaucoma can become dangerous if left untreated at the right time.A doctor’s advice is necessary.)




(Hint: look up name Baba Ramdev)


Day 2 at India Build Meet Delhi
Day 2 at India Build Meet Delhi (Photo credit: vm2827)


So now that I’ve let that out, I will also tell you we are trying the weight loss product as well. You will see if you get that interested in the products.


Whew!!! Breathe!!!


Damn pain from my surgery is coming back and boy does that make happy time a little frustrating! Even if it is spread out like fairy dust these days. You know, little sprinkle here, little sprinkle there… just enough to make you all sparkly for a few hours then…. Down you go… back to reality. However; you looked pretty and sparkly when it lasted. Floating up in the air with not a care in the world. MMM… happy time… anyway… back to reality. This awesome pain I’ve been having lately is coming back from that wonderful endometriosis kick that I had about a year ago with my lovely lady cyst. I was popping pain pills like skittles and actually got the point that it took me 3 or 4 at a time to make the pain go away and stay away for at least 2 hours. That’s bad when I’m not a meds kind of gal. It also sucks when I deal with customers all day and have all this very important cc information that entrusted with me and I feel high as a kite looking at the details.


I have IB 800’s for now but if this continues … this lovely state of MI is going to have to share some medical responsibility cause I have chitlins to take care of and I can’t do that sick in bed or being put off work for pain and suffering. Don’t get me wrong… if I had 8000 bux I would be more than happy to pay for the surgery, but as luck has it… I don’t have 8000 bux to get my lady parts removed. I can’t have any more kids and at this point, don’t need any so I would just like it all removed. Why keep it when it only causes pain and problems?


So in a brighter sense of sorting reality… things are smooth for the most part. I guess it’s not so bad when you can’t get much reason or sense out of the male bloodline of a child without a female counterpart getting huffy puffy about some decision that has nothing to do with her…  the only real issue with that one is the poor children in between the mix of blank realities. Everyone wishes the best for their children and always does “what they can” to make ends meet for the children. So if I’ve done everything in my power to make things “right” for my children with any of their blood lines, am I wrong to just let everything fade away from their blood lines in lieu of respect for the children not getting their hearts torn apart even if it’s only 2 x every six months or so? Just curious!


There’s so many news stories and coverage’s out there of families with two moms or two dads that people are so worried the children won’t get what they need to grow up correctly and intelligent. The interesting part is, all the places they want to generally place these children… are the ones that have the news stories of abandonment or mistreatment or abuse in some way. What are we as same-sex parents supposed to do when the children we are raising or suppose to take care of for a moment, are left in our laps with no reason or rhyme as to when the “other half” or “guardian” is coming back to actually be that parent? I have no problem in letting both or all 4, 5, 6, or 7 parents be a part of a child’s life and world in all that they are or become. I do however have a problem when people are only a part of a child’s world when it’s convenient for them. Yes, they are expensive, yes they are pains in the rear sometimes, yes they are messy, yes they are one of the most difficult jobs out there from time to time to actually stick with… but they are definitely the most rewarding. The parents that do stick it out and do actually put their heart and soul into raising the children whom they were blessed with… however they were blessed with them… ought to get severe thanks and gratitude for the void they are filling in these children’s lives. They shouldn’t be torn apart news story to news story and law to law for the welfare of children by outsiders’ points of view!!


PFLAG, San Francisco Pride 2013
PFLAG, San Francisco Pride 2013 (Photo credit: InSapphoWeTrust)


I’ve said it once and I will say it again and again…. If only people knew what actually happened in most of those foster homes people consider so much better than our same-sex households . . . pay attention people and wake the hell up! At least we took the initiative and open our arms, lives, and hearts to these children regardless of our financial, physical, spiritual, or otherwise standings. So take a look around and realize there’s a lot of love to give out there to a lot of children in our own back yards. Quit being so DAMN judgmental of the homes we keep these wonderful healthy and happy children in!!!! Just take a deep breath and realize they are safe and loved as they should be instead of out in some weirdo or perverts hands or on some “milk carton” so to speak.


In closing tonight… I’m going to continue enjoying this lovely rain storm that all the little children scream in fun and terror about and just realize… a mother’s job is never done!!!!


Motherly Love
Motherly Love (Photo credit: David Maddison)