Please … Don’t Take Anything Personal!


Thoughts on a chopping block
Thoughts on a chopping block (Photo credit: Radio_jct)


Don’t you love those awesome coworkers that have nothing better to do than nitpick the hell out of you every chance they get? I mean really! Don’t love how they can find anything wrong with any situation regardless of how much you busted your ass to do your job and 10 others that day? I love it!!! I love how a coworker can just rip right into you and make you feel like the worthless piece of dog shit that you are just when you need to be told!! It’s a great feeling to know that someone always has your back at your job, but it’s an even better feeling to know there’s always that one person who will find everything and anything to BITCH moan or complain about that you did or did not do on your particular shift. Hell Yah!!! When you are in customer service and all your work is supposed to be geared toward keeping them customers happy regardless of what that means, and you have some little monkey on your back .


This is so totally AWESOME!!!! I have never had the honor and privilege of having someone direct my every move telling me what I can and cannot do or telling me what I should have done instead of what I did without even being around me at the time that it happened to know why I did what I did!!!! I am just so stoked to know I have someone watching me like a hawk that is so perfect In every way so I know how to be and act and what to do so I can be perfect just like them. I don’t really know what I could or would do without coworkers like this!!!


So, since it’s more important to BITCH about little menial things that seem to be bothering you than make sure you are effectively doing your job or constructively helping other do theirs… should I mention the red eyes I get to see all the time or the minute to 10 minute late clock in all the  time? I guess I should definitely mention the constant excuses that are given every day of some cop or family member somewhere that stopped the world’s function so that showing up on time would be attainable. Hmmm… these are definitely very important details to remember so that next time I can and will do my wonderful job correctly as well as my AWESOME coworkers can do theirs!!! I want to be and do my best at all times and if at any point in time I’m not doing my best I definitely NEED to know so that I can correct myself!!!


Wait, I just thought of something…. I’m better than that!!! I don’t need to find every little nitpicky thing I can to BITCH and WINE and COMPLAIN about my coworkers to constantly try to get them into trouble!! I’m soooo much better than that!!!! I don’t need to vent into a little notebook for an entire staff to see what idiots I work with on a daily basis! Why? Well, first of all I know no one is perfect and we are all here to do the job we were attained to do. I know and understand that everyone everyday has their own world and their own life that they have to deal with when they clock in to this establishment and as long as they can and will do the job better than the best to make sure these customers come back, then whatever color under they have, however they write down their tasks, where ever they store their pens, whenever they have time to do little organizing jobs, whoever they have to smile at and be conversant with to get that done… IS THEIR BUSINESS ON THEIR TIME CLOCK!!!! So I suppose if I’m the only one who understands this, I can deal with that. I just need to remember… It’s just a job… don’t take anything personal…


I get to come back home to my wonderful children, my lovely little girl, and my gorgeous sexy lovely lady!!!! So at any point in time I have any thought processes that don’t make sense to me and I get a little confused as to how I’m supposed to do something or why something was said… I just close my eyes and think of my wonderful family and how lucky I am!!!!!





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