I’m Based on a True Story?

another gay movie
another gay movie (Photo credit: scottobear)

So I feel like the comedy insider from a lesbian movie based on a true story! Wow that was a mouth full right? I don’t know why, but every time I open my mouth lately I’m saying some really weird stuff and it’s all has to do with frame of mind. I’m not talking about perversion either. I’m talking about the way that I think being totally different from most other people… ok I’ll be honest… different from anyone else I’ve ever met except my son. I’m so used to being the butt of jokes my whole life, I’ve become one. I love it don’t get me wrong!! I love being the one that everyone finds amusing just because I said or did something outside of my normal realm of thought. I do!! The funny thing is they actually think it’s outside of my normal realm of thought. They don’t realize have the time that it is my normal realm of thought through and through.

I’m told all the time by many people in my family and friends that there’s never a boring or dull moment with me. I’m told you never know what’s going to come out of my mouth or what thought process is going to bring me to do what off the wall thing. Let’s see, I love to make my own coffee… even though I keep blowing up the coffee pot. I love the change cat litter… even though I make a complete mess without even trying. I love to pick out certain movies to watch for the family or just my love and I… even though we end up either falling asleep from boredom or grossed out from some weird overly violent or sexual natured indie. I love to do so many things that would seem normal to any other human being, but for some reason they just aren’t that normal for me. It’s ok though… really it is!!! I’m so used to being the butt of jokes that I have just learned the “off days” are just the normal me.

Why am I the comedy insider? Well, I’m always in my own little world and to understand my own little world you have to be in it in some way shape or form. So you need an insider for that right? Awesome! What about a translator? Well, yes I can be a translator, but it’s better that my partner do it instead since most people just don’t understand me regardless of what language I claim I am speaking. So this leads me to a lesbian movie. The most important detail of any lesbian movie is realism in my book. I can’t stand how women are paid to act gay, but don’t act gay. Wow did that sound right? Paid to act gay seems to be a hard thing if you aren’t gay! So does that mean everyone who is in the film industry should be gay before they act gay? I can’t put words into an industry that I don’t know, but I will tell you I’m gay so I can’t act gay. Now does that make any sense? I’m gay and I’ve been my whole life through all trials and tribulations and I’ve learned the hard way that this is perfectly fine. So how can I act gay if I’m already gay? Well, I can’t because I can’t act what I already am or I wouldn’t be acting. Again this is all in my own little world.

Now, this is all based on a true story right? How is it based on a true story if I’m living my story? Well, again it’s all in how you see it. When something says based on a true story, you automatically assume it’s not 100% true but are able to assume you can believe most of it right? Again it gets you wondering which parts you can safely assume are real and true beyond all belief… right? Well, I can say something is real and true all day long and I can try to tell you something about my life until the sky turns green and the grass turns blue, but if you don’t believe me then it’s only true in your eyes of the story based on what you believe. So how can my story be 100% true if the readers and watchers don’t 100% believe it’s true? We are nothing without our audience yes? Well, I may not have a large audience, but I have faith that the audience I do have are there for a reason of some sort. Therefore they must in some way shape or form believe my story in some percentage. How am I to assume my readers believe my whole story? All I can do is write the truth based on my own findings or beliefs or experiences and let the readers take their words and visions or emotions from there. So, that would make my story based on a true story.

In the event that any of this makes sense to you, I must give you a certificate of accomplishment in the “Mind of My Own”. The next certificate of accomplishment would be in the “World of Lil ol Me”. That’s a whole other story put together, but you are on the right track. To the contingency of our own minds, worlds, make up, story, life. or whatever else you have going today… I give my word to you that in all that I am or may be; I will only abide by my truth to you!!!!

2 Replies to “I’m Based on a True Story?”

  1. Yeah i was told i would never have to take drugs cause i was already there.. lol.. if you followed my train of thought.. well then my friend we are two birds of a feather.. and im sure out there sonewhere is the entire bird waiting for us to gather and make sense.. lol! Thanks for reading and commenting!!! Love and Light!!! xoxox


  2. So what does it say about me that I completely followed your train of thought? I’ve often thought people just don’t understand me, because I, too, seem to operate on a slightly different wavelength, so to speak :).


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