Watching Michigan go Through This

Location map of Michigan, USA
Location map of Michigan, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there’s this holy cow awesomeness arising from my little puny brain. I see all these messages and news articles about MI and the lawsuits and bills going up into play and I’m realizing; my dream come true may very well be just around the corner. I know my tribe already legalized gay marriage, but to find out my state may be on the same slate in the same year? Wow!! Does that mean we may be able to adopt each other’s children? Does that mean we may be able to file taxes together and actually show the world our family does belong together? Unbelievable!!

I do remember a time just maybe 5 or so years ago where I almost got fired just because someone thought I was gay and caught me smiling in another female’s direction. Wow!! I couldn’t believe my ears for this news. They didn’t even have valid proof that I was gay, but they were allowed to see me as gay upon their own discretion and that allowed them to threaten my job on the spot. Yes, I was gay and I was checking out a female and I was talking with a guy coworker about the situation, but that’s completely beside the point.

I am on the verge of completing my book as my partner in crime is doing marvelous miracles with my work. My life on paper and for the whole world to see, I’m scared shitless to be honest. I don’t know why! I’m grown, I have my three beautiful children, I have my gorgeous and sexy fiancé, I have my wonderful house, I have a great car, and I have a very long-lasting job. So what’s there to be scared of right? Well, I’m watching the world tear the LGTBQ community down every chance they can and I’m watching how the judgment is flying across the board. We are being accused of molestation, pedophilia, bestiality, nymphomania, anarchy, and so many other things I can’t even think of them all. All of a sudden, foster homes are being brought up where two parents of the same gender are there and they found them guilty of some type of crime with the children.

Why wasn’t this stuff important in the other million cases of children in foster homes and adoption agencies that are being taken advantage of, abused, neglected, and harmed in some way? I’ve known for years that the foster system was messed up and there are way too many children to who get taken from their family for bogus reasons and then end up in a family to be destroyed mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This has been going on for years and they just now start pointing people out because the media says it’s a perfect time to smash the LGBTQ community? I know there are some sick people out there, but just because we are gay shouldn’t make us automatically perverts. In fact there are so many cases out there of Priests and Pastors and Teachers breaking the law and harming children that I’m surprised we can just sit and point at gays.

I have had quite the life and those of you who are interested in my story and how a 7-year-old girl can possible be gay, will see and realize that when my book comes out. I’m shooting for end of September. I know there are many things that happened to me as a child and growing up I had to learn many lessons the hard way, but we are what our history makes us. This for me… was stronger. I don’t wish anybody to go through what I did as a kid, but what I did have to learn was being different (gay, Native American, single parent) only gave me more reasons to fight for what was real. There were many times that I hid who or what I was to anyone because I couldn’t handle the ridicule and mental challenges a little girl shouldn’t have to go through or experience. I do know because I went through so much as a child, it’s made me a better mother. I can openly tell my children that we are all equal no matter what we are. We can be any color of the rainbow, be any level of intelligence, be any height or likeness, or any gender and we are all human.

Watching Michigan go through these changes in silent prayer with my soul mate, I sit and wait for the actual day when our togetherness won’t be such a disgusting crime. I’m so proud of the lovely ladies who had the heart and soul to fight for their children’s rights in our lovely state. I wish I had that ability to make sure my children were safe and secure whether they were with me, mom, or dad. Yes, my boys all have dads and in most occasions they get to be a part of their dad’s lives (when they choose to), but their family consist of those who actually try to see, spend time with them, feed them, play with them, talk to them, and just let them be kids in our lives and hearts. That takes time, money, effort, and love to say the least. Why should it matter if that list of needs comes directly from a man or a woman? Why should it matter that our boys are loved by two women who work their butts off every day to make sure they are fed, clean, have a roof over their head, and a good education?

I believe the state of Michigan is about to see the day where it won’t matter. I believe our lovely state is about to get a serious wakeup call since everyday when my partner and I are out shopping or just riding around, we see more and more of the LGBTQ community coming out PROUD!! It’s so great to see so many loving couples come out of hiding and enjoying life together as they should have the right to do. We smile big and proud every time someone catches our eye and we notice two loving people able to be themselves without fear of ridicule. I am guilty of it too. I am fully aware of the fact, I can be fired from my job for being gay and I don’t have that ability to take that chance. So when I’m giving my loveyz to my lady, I make sure no one is around to see or hear us and I make sure there’s no sign of us being together. Do I feel proud of this? No!!! I don’t feel its right to make us hide who we are just because someone else isn’t comfortable with it. I really hope Michigan is getting a wakeup call since there are plenty of US out there, but we are really good at hiding. I’ve had to hide for 20 some years and I’m not about to ruin it for my kids or family now; however I will stand with however many others out there that are willing to prove we deserve to be recognized as a family and deserve equality in America as a family and deserve to be loved as a family just as much as every other couple out there!!!!!

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