Good old Fashioned Coffee Talk

How do you say something without saying something to somebody? How do you break down the facts to someone without saying to them “hey dummy”? What kind of sense would something make if you didn’t say all the words you wanted to while speaking to somebody? You know, leave the bad or offensive words out. Ok, so it wouldn’t sound like you were speaking English right? You win some and you lose some… Well, what if the ones you are supposedly losing are actually in “your space”? What if everything you’ve busted your ass for in the time you’ve busted your ass… is at stake to keep or save and you have to always be the one to SPEAK YOUR MIND? How much do you like being the bad guy? How much do you like to be the peace keeper? How much do you like to be thrown into everyone’s business like it’s your own, but when it is your own… you don’t get to know a damn thing!! How much do you love this scenario?

Me, goes without saying… me and my partner are busting our asses in today’s high gas, low wage, overly political world to make ends meet and eventually make our dreams come true!!! This would require our kids to be taken care of.. check, our bills to be paid… check, our home to be respected… ummm(we’ll get back to that one), our animals being taken care of… check, rules being followed… sort of check. So I guess you could say we aren’t doing real bad this week or this year I suppose. Our baby girl might be pregnant but we aren’t positive at this point. Our boys are bored and fighting all the time. The little lady of the house is being spoiled this month cause once again her mother failed to keep a promise and now she’s being given money to make up for it. Our dad is having the time of his life with his girlfriend and absolutely adores her. Grams Bday is about 2 days away and we are really curious as to what we are going to do for that.

So now she holds to jobs and I hold one full time job. We aren’t bringing a lot of income in at this point, but may be a tad better once we get into summer. It’s funny, because one we think “hey we are actually caught up this month”… we open our eyes and realize “oh wait now these are due tomorrow”. So we are supposed to stay broke? Not directly sure anymore to be honest. Gas is huge, car needs new radiator, electric is immensely high, bills out the wazoo to get cleared up, and all the while trying to have some saved for a rainy day. Wow, life as changed since I was a kid. I suppose every generation has its problems.

So now back to the respecting the house. I’m sure you have certain rules in your house and everyone is expected to follow them regardless of age or reason right? Well, we have some basic rules in our home as well. We have the drinking rule… being followed mostly, the smoking rule… not really being followed, the pet rule… not a problem… take care of what you use… definitely… and ask if it’s not yours… NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! There’s a certain assumption a child has when they just start grabbing things because everyone else is or because no one specifically told them no on that… and then they wonder why someone gets mad at them? Well it was sitting right there right? No one told me not to right? So it makes it ok right?

Wow!!!! Frustrating a tad right? Well, what if it comes from a full-grown man? Does that make it any better? Just checking because I can over react sometimes. Does this coming from a full-grown 50 some year old man make this situation any more excusable? I don’t think so! I think it makes it even worse and frustrating. I think it makes me want to tear someone’s head off that they can be that stupid or ignorant. Either way, I get upset when my 6-year-old does it or my other two boys do it, but I can back hand them. I can correct them, I can ground them. I can get on them and teach them right from wrong since I am a parent and that is my job… yes? Ok so what do I do about a full-grown man doing these things? What do I say to a full-grown man who says “oh well” or “I didn’t know” or “no one told me” or “too bad” or “because I wanted to”? How do you make sense to a full-grown man that he’s acting like a child without causing WW12? I say 12 because 1-11 would have already been done and gone the last 7 months or so ago.

Ok, here’s another doozy. Ready for this piece of work? How do you get two full-grown 50 some year old men to communicate? I get to have fun trying to solve this one for the rest of my life that I’m such a nice person to let people live with me regardless of how they treat my things or rules. I really don’t understand where I’m supposed to go with this one. I don’t believe in just kicking people out , though it’s been tempting a time or two. I really have to be extremely mad to go off on someone and really tell them how I feel. So what’s next? I get either yelled at by one or yelled at by the other and both of them come to me and ask, “So what did he say”? Seriously!!!! Then I get to nonchalantly tell them well this is the problem and this is what needs to be figured out. Then it’s usually, “that’s bullshit and he knows it!” or “I don’t give a shit what he says, I’ll do what I want”. This is two full-grown grumpy old men that refuse to see eye to eye over a 70 some year old woman whom they both love and adore and want to do everything for.  

You feel like no matter what you do… it’s not right and it’s not going to be right? You ever feel like your whole life… is nothing but a game people like to play on you? Just curious!!!!