A Broken Wall

Patience (Photo credit: AngSocialMed)








Endless love and such a natural attraction

Communication is flowing smoothly

Enjoy each other’s touch, scent, taste, voice

Finish the other’s sentences without even trying

The look in her eyes as she smiles so sweet

Her robust laughter many times a day

The innocent touches begin to play

Secrets of adventure slowly come about

Anger misplaced always finds reason

Words said that weren’t meant

Actions speak louder than words

Forgiveness is needed for understanding to stay

We need to hold hands and remember

No one is perfect in this world

Surrender our pockets full of pride

Love is stronger than we all know

Patience is a virtue so I’ve been told

I’m good at listening and so is she

Can we listen to ourselves as well as others?

Do we hear the fright in our tone?

Do we hear the doubt in our voice?

Do we hear the hope in our heart?

Do we hear the confidence being destroyed?

We aren’t here to set an example

We aren’t here to make dreams come true

Our strength is clear to see

Holding hands still a simple gesture

A kiss to remember our moment’s pride

To realize the friction was strong is scary

To many people to please today, tomorrow,

We are easily taken advantage of

We are easily played around with

Her temper strikes a chord

A brick is laid to a broken wall

How can she think such evil of me?

Do I bring back bad memories?

Such doubt lay about

Even a blind eye can see

Though I close my eyes and open my heart

It’s time to let my energies free

They’ve saved me before

This gift that’s so deep

What I feel this very second

An overwhelming reason to cry