Thought Process Continues..

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...
This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I absolutely love it when someone takes advantage of me!!! For real!!! It’s so great to be able to look someone in the eyes and faithfully say, “Wow! I’m so proud of you. You have successfully taken advantage of me further than anyone else I have ever known. Not only did you take everything I offered you, but you also managed to squeeze in everything I didn’t offer as well. Then had the greatest ambitious nerve to throw it all in my face right in front my family. Great job!! You’ve broken just about every little tiny house rule I had for you… even the ones that were standard procedure for everyone… then with your grand entrance… pranced around in front of my kids with all your extremely adult oriented activities that they are forbidden to see or be apart of!!!! I couldn’t have done it better myself!!!”


Ok, so I haven’t been able to say this yet; but damn right I will be saying it soon! I have managed to gather the most selfish and stubborn irresponsible man possible and I have the honor to call him family. Right on!! Drinking while entering or driving in a vehicle after being told “we don’t do that”. Keeping a lit cigarette while walking out the single bedroom door that is suppose to shield my kids from all that stink and second hand smoke. Having a unlit cigarette in his mouth while fixing my kids meals after being told “we don’t do that”. Continually telling us that he will do what he wants … when he wants… and too bad if we don’t like it or approve of it!!! So I suppose you could say I have earned my reasoning to put a few words of wisdom in this wonderful man’s ear. Oh and that’s not including taking things and using them upon his own leisure without even asking or caring what I have to say about it! What about being highly intoxicated and continuing to have some words or actions to dispense toward my children when being supervised?


Yeah, I’m fired up! Yeah, I’m on the verge of getting a good buzz and giving someone a serious piece of my mind! I’m a nice person and I have huge respect for my elders, but this is getting ridiculous. There’s just no valid excuse as to why we are being treated this way. It’s getting out of control. So what’s the plan? Should I just place a list of numbers under his nose to call for a place to live that will allow his obligerence? That included being abnoxious while drinking, smoking indoors, using tons of electricity and not even paying for it, refusing to follow the simplest yard rules, and well treating the children right. I know I can go toward him with my drunk on and just start shouting at him like he does me and see where that ends up at. Ok.. ok.. ok.. there’s also the choice to sit down and try to discuss with him what he’s doing and try to get him to understand that we aren’t agreeing on these subjects and terms. Wait! I did do that… how many times? Shit I lost count to be honest!!!

So back to square one. How many times do you allow someone to walk all over you and your rules at your house before you stand up to them regardless of relation or respect and plainly say “Get out!” How do you tell them they have 30 days to leave, because you can handle all the rudeness and complete disrespect? How do you break the news that this lovely happy family is going to have to try to get along with out their wonderful presence in the household afterall? Hmmm… thought process continues!

To be continued…