“Snakes in the Grass” & Alcohol Whispers My Name

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English: A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Nothing special today, no awesome words to say, just a little rant from my head, whispering it’s OK…

There’s a lot of stuff that can happen between the lines and our home is no exception. The silence broken by slain words hinted weeks before. There’s anger in our house, there’s betrayal to stay, there’s a family to watch out for, there’s so many lives at stake. The complications seem endless in our economy today. Children need education and medication and clothing and food. This becomes a treasure to have when all resources are about up. Everyone needs a little help here and there and I am here to understand that.

Beware of the “Snakes in the grass” their presence won’t last … if you catch them at their own game … they will run before you come near. You have to catch and confront them!! You have to look them in the eyes!! You have know what to say and do that will make them admit their game or lie. Riddles, riddles, and more riddles to the game of life. Never knowing what path to take or what dollar to pay. How will you handle the rest? When will it all make sense? Do I take pills to kill the pain? A little more liquid courage too? How do you handle such a mental game being played? How do you confront such a unwanted mess?

The rat race about to begin, with dollar for dollar and hour for hour sneaking in too. How can we survive such a mix of emotions being thrown our way, when honesty at its best was never here anyway? It seems our use is about out… we have no more to take… so grab what you got from us… and go on your merry little way!!!!!

This wasn’t meant for spelling, it wasn’t meant for grammar, it wasn’t meant to be interpreted, and it wasn’t meant to make sense. This was merely a sign of mental and emotional deprivation smothering my sense of kindness with any seed of doubt that had been lying about!!!!

Good Night!



Painstaking agony tears at my soul

Feeling all the negativity

My energies crave closure

Stomach pains and headaches

My partner feels my pain

Wishing things were easier

Too many hearts to break

Kindness takes you places

You’ve never been before

When the addiction takes over

There’s more scarring than before

How do you say it

How do you make it clear

What kind of words do you use

To find that open door

All the inner hatred

Finds its own release

My skin seems to crawl by itself

My eyes doubt what they see

Alcohol whispers my name

I hear it so plain and so clear

My children are more important

It’s their safety I fight for

My dad takes reign over all

His happiness is my take

All I want is a family

That knows how to give

As well as what to take

Working together should be easy

Communication is the key

Not the silence we’ve become

How much more can build

How much more can hide

Little things are adding up

Goals are dropping like flies

I can’t do this on my own

I don’t have the heart to say NO

My partner and I at a brick wall

What to say or do before we FALL

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