Watch Out!!! Life is Occurring.. My Energies Say So!!!




The Warner Bros.-Seven Arts logo used on the L...
The Warner Bros.-Seven Arts logo used on the Looney Tunes shorts from 1967 to 1969. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve definitely had some energies flying this week. Not sure why or from who, but they are kicking my ass. I have been light-headed, sore, feeling high, had the jitters, and hot and cold frequently. As far as I know work is going great so that can’t really be an issue. I mean I have a couple of people with some serious stuff going on in their life, but we all have serious stuff in our lives. So I’m not sure if it’s anything at work. My boys have done a complete 160 since the surgery. I really didn’t realize how much tonsils being removed could make a difference in someone’s life. The aggression is gone and they are sleeping better now. I mean boys will be boys… so nothing to really worry about.



My stomach is doing flip-flops at the
thought of not being able to get the house in time, but now I’m
working with a credit company to help me with that. We’ll see how
that goes. I guess it’s a good thing when your credit score jumps a
couple points every couple of months. It’s weird how things turn about
since it’s almost like the “fun” never ends. You are always
paying bills, trying to correct some company about something they say
you owe them, and you are always trying to play catch up with your
life history that everyone has to know these days. Seriously! You
have to fill in so many fine lines these days to do just about
anything and none of it is just “your” business anymore.



I have cards for every account that I
have whether it be for food stamps, medical, bank card, credit card,
unemployment, or even child support. You have to try to keep track
of all these cards to know what everything has on it. Now with this
new Medicaid program, we have two medical cards per child and you
have to keep them both on hand. You practically have to have a purse
or man bag just to keep track of everything. There’s proof of address
and not only for today’s address, but now they want to know 5-10
years back as well. There’s proof of your bills and who’s on them and
now proof of anyone and everyone in your house. They’ve changed
applications so badly now, you have to take personality and psych
tests for employments in various areas now. I mean they even check
your credit report for some things and that used to only be for a
house, car, or credit card. Wow!!!



Now this CISPA thing where our private
INTERNET is about to go extremely global. What the hell!! I know
there’s always been that thought or wonder in the back of people’s
minds if we are being watched all the time anyway, but this is
getting very much ridiculous. We wonder why we get spam mail and
advertisements in our snail mail, and now awesome phone calls to tell
us we had “bladder mesh” surgery and should get compensation for
it. WTF!!! What happened to all of our simple lives and the privacy
we had? What happened to good old-fashioned asking and if we didn’t
want to tell you, oh well? Why all this “protection” as the
wonderful BIG DOGS want to put it? How is this protection? If I
wanted to let the world know how much money I have, I would have
posted in on FB. Oh wait, that’s not safe anymore either. There’s so
many fine lines and small prints on the privacy on FB now, that you
are practically letting the whole world know your work status or your
son got a trophy.



They say FB is a great place for the
government to track down “bad people” and make them pay for the
crimes they’ve done. Really? All I see is further invasion of privacy
and “bad people” continuing to get away with the things they are
doing. There’s still huge petitions out for the removing child
pornography, abuse and neglect braggings, and so many other things
that the black market breeds on. They don’t seem to be making much
progress on invading their privacy! In fact I found out that if a
child is photographed in an obscene fashion and the picture is edited
in some software and made to look fake, it’s ok. Why? Well, that’s
art and emotional expression for said doer. Just ask the chan sites.
I know these things because I have children and I watch what goes on
out there in that huge world of “bad guys” so I can protect my
children and they don’t end up on FB or some billboard in a bad



You know they thought the cartoons were
bad when I was a kid. They taught children communism and so many
other no no’s, but I will tell you what.. there are so many worse
cartoon out there now with so many hidden messages for our kids than
there ever were in my day. I can’t believe some of the things that my
children will say or do when they get done watching cartoons. I will
literally block more cartoons from my kids than PG or PG13 movies.
Granted I don’t allow all the killing, blood shed, F word overuse, or
sexual content but I can’t believe it’s just about safer to allow a
child to watch PG movies rather than some of these cartoons.



Magazines.. don’t even get me started
on them. I don’t need my kids reading 80% advertisements and how to
look cute or how to kiss a boy or how he can notice her at the age of
11. My boys have their own violent issues so I would rather keep them
with Lego and animal magazines. At least I can trust good old fashion
WWF. I understand we all need our payday and someone has to do it,
but come on.



Have you seen the new Brave girl they
are trying to put out? Skinnier, cuter, more white, and heaven forbid
you keep her awesome plain dress and hair do. Wow!!! Leave things



So today’s world is so much more
complicated than it was when I was a kid. We sang National Anthems in
school, Pledged our Allegiance everyday, watched Loony Toons, and
played outside making our own toys. We were able to go door to door
to trick or treat with no worries and we were more appreciative of
Nintendo than all this other crap we have now.



I have actually seen 9 year olds
having Ipads and Iphones. For Real??? What happened to good old
fashioned side-walk chalk and the great adventures you created with
your imagination?



Now I have to watch my web cam on my
computer because any pervert can turn it on and watch my kids while
they are on-line. I have to make sure my kids have enough bathing suit
coverage and swimming in the back yard so that perverts down get
their kicks off watching them swim. I have to be careful who I give
my email or phone number to so I don’t get my identity stolen or



Maybe this is All why my energies have
been rolling as hard as they have… Maybe it’s just an overall
warning that LIFE is occurring and if we don’t keep up with it.. it’s
going to take off and leave us behind…. with or with out the