Let our Feelings show

English: "Touch Me not" flower
English: “Touch Me not” flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thoughts like this
could last all day
missing your voice
and great laughs
your obvious flirts
and harmless comments
what is it so deep
that keeps me so there
what seems to be
just a simple stare
your eyes so real
and skin so clear
your smile may be hiding
but I hear it fair
no doubts in your tone
just curiosity and persistence
wondering when I’m going
to let up the resistance
If I should only be free
to myself I stay
yet you still found me
and we vocally play
when our eyes meet
will that spark be there
will our palms sweat
as we stand and stare
will there be something said
that kills the dead silence
will our hands touch
will our thoughts collide
will we loosen up
or just abide
will my lips touch yours
will you caress mine
will we hold each-other
will we cross that line
remember it all should click
and it all should be right
hopefully, it will flow smooth
and last throughout the night
will all of our emotions in place
and time on our side
our new experiences together
seem to be newly tried
treasuring moment by moment
watching each-other’s every move
we wonder if tomorrow
will have the same groove
what will come of us
we shall never know
if we don’t somehow
let our feelings show