I Found Something Hiding in My Closet!!!




Tears fall in fear of the mind

Fears lie in place

Pain finds its way through

Hate pecks away

My past is here to haunt me

My life was once to give

My passions were taken

As he made me live

Opening my eyes only seconds

To see him having another excuse

Closing my eyes again

So he could quickly abuse

Now he’s at it again

To get in my head

Hitting those soft spots

That I painfully dread

How can he do this

Accuse me of such a sin

Not only is it disgusting

I bet he got a grin

To hear my voice quiver

As he barely hints

To feel my fingers shake

His words coincidence?

He’ll never admit

What he did

He’ll never know

What I hid

He’ll only lie everyday

To himself and him

He’ll only hide

And tear me limb by limb

Starting with my heart

As he already did

Then work his way up

To his own kid

Using such a soul

Barely seen the light

To be in a battle

At not even 4 ft height

My heart is torn

My stomach aches

What more will he say

What will be put at stake

I’m so scared

I can’t think

I’m so shocked

I’m at a brink

Only too desperate now

Only too close

Only too numb

Only a dose

He’s just started

I know this well

He’s only begun

So this is HELL



I found this hiding in my closet.. I have been through quite a bit and I’ve written a few pieces.. but this one still hit me when I found it. It really made me realize what I’ve been through and what I’ve become because of it. I didn’t really realize how far I’ve come emotionally


We are never broken
We are never broken (Photo credit: the past tends to disappear)


until I read this again .. wow… I was really torn down… Anyway..


Thought I’d share..



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