Out Loud

I found this and I have to say it fits my days perfectly lately!!!

Roses and Whimsy

“So… I’m a lesbian.” There. I said it. My inner lady raised her eyebrows from behind her thin rimmed glasses (that I don’t actually wear; only she does) and looked at me, a tad surprised. My shoulders sagged and I looked around the empty room. My mother is going to kill me. My sister probably will too. It’s a good thing that I don’t live with my parents anymore, but I can’t really speak too soon, anything can happen.

It’s an ongoing road to acceptance and finding out exactly who I’ve been hiding up in myself for so long, but it starts with that one action. It begins with saying it out loud. I looked around my empty living room and listened to the quiet sleepy breathing of my little girl in the next room and tried to breathe myself into that state of calm and peace that I had…

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