2AM Writing Challenge: Is This For Real?

Red Door
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I was just checking out other blogs and found one named “2am Challenge” and to my surprise it caught my attention enough that I actually read the whole thing. Well, I was so impressed that I had to comment and let the author know what a great piece they had written. A day or so later I came back to check on my blog and realized I had a comment. It wasn’t the normal spam comment either. This one was real! So when I read it… I realized I was offered a friendly challenge. After thinking real hard on it, I carefully obliged and began my 2am journey. Hope you all enjoy!!
Awakened by what seemed to be a weird chirping sound in my dream, I realized my phone was going off. Half asleep I turned the other direction on my pillow re-fluffing it and positioning it under my head. When I was just about to close my eyes in peace and quiet once more, the weird chirping sound comes from my phone. The buzzing from the vibrate scared my cat so bad she ended up jumping across my stomach in fear. Trying to open my eyes and focus, I glanced at the clock. The numbers seemed to be bouncing and glowing in and out. I couldn’t focus eyes enough to see what time it was. I remembered my watch had a glow light as well and tried to focus on it to see what time it was, but my eyes started to burn trying to focus once more.
The weird chirping sound came again and this time I grabbed my phone that was plugged in to be fully charged for the next day. This chirping sound was loud and almost obnoxious like I’d never heard it before. I fumbled with phone a few times trying to figure out how to get to the reason behind the chirping sound. My wife and I had just gotten new phones a week ago and we didn’t know much about them yet. I tried to focus again to swipe the screen, push buttons and find the reason behind this now loud and annoying chirping sound. The screen on the phone was so bright it almost blinded me worse than the clock. I didn’t have the energy to sit up at this time, but I was gaining more ability to think finally.

I managed to find my way into the phone and followed this blink at the top of my screen. Next to the blinking shape at the top of my screen I finally could see what time it was. I read what I thought was a figment of my imagination. “2:00 am” stayed heavily in a bright color of purple. Slowly but surely I got my screen to slide down and saw that I had a message waiting for me on my phone.

“Who would text me at 2am?” I thought to myself

Fumbling once again, I forgot the screen on my phone was set to flip horizontally with the phone. So I lost my concentration trying to get to the text. The loud annoying chirping sound came again and this time I was getting mad!

“Someone better be hurt or dying!” I said out loud.

My wife must have felt me rustling around with my phone because she rolled over and attempted to put her arm around me and her hand hit my phone. When she looked up and peer over me, she noticed I was trying to focus on my phone.

Babe, what’s wrong?” She asked concerned.

“I’m not sure.” I responded hesitantly. “I’ve been trying to figure out what this chirping sound is on my phone. It won’t shut up and I can’t go back to sleep with it going off.”

“Let me see it.” She said while reaching for my phone.

She had to unplug to gain full access to it. She was better at the whole focusing thing than I was anyway. Once again I was trying to focus to figure out what was so important at NOW 2:05 am in the morning. As she was fiddling around with the phone, Our radio in the room came on playing “Breath 2am”. Both of us realizing neither of us had touched the remote or power button, we started panicking with a slight bit of laughter. It was almost comical to us both that it happened to be 2am and the song just pops up on the radio.

She finally got the text open on the phone and when she looked over at me, the look on her face kind of muted the laughter between us both. She slowly handed the phone back to me and watched my reaction almost as if I was being tested.

“What the hell is this?” she asked with a slight attitude.

“What?” I responded with worry.. Now wiping my eyes to actually focus and be able to think.

She had the text open to what seemed to be a picture of me standing outside my work smoking a cigarette.

Now both of started to get mad, nervous, uneasy, and whatever else our little minds could handle at such a creepy message at this time in the morning.

“What is this? Who sent this to you? What’s going on?” her questions started flooding my ears with worry and irritation.

“Who’s number is this?”.

“I have no idea! I swear! I don’t know who could have taken this picture or texted me!” I responded wondering how this person could have even gotten my number.

“Well, let’s find out!” she grabbed the phone back and dialed the number the text came from.

“We are sorry the number you’ve reached is not in service, please check the number and dial again” is all we both heard when she put it on speaker.

“How is that even possible? Didn’t you just get this text from this number?” Again the questions started flowing from her mouth.

She got up to turn off the radio and as she walked towards it, it shut off by its self. She glanced back at me almost in silent wonder if I had caught the same few seconds that just took place that she had…now almost in disbelief of her own result.
With no regard my wife walked back over toward her side of the bed and reached for her own phone that was also plugged waiting for the next day’s arrival to be fully charged. She began copying the phone number off of my phone and dialing it into her phone.

“Let’s just see what this does. Maybe we’ll get an answer this time.” she spoke with determination.

The same voice came across the phone that had before when we dialed the number from my phone.

“How can this be? What’s going on? Who the hell is doing this to us?” questions were coming out almost uncontrollably.

Both of us were stammering around looking for answers to questions that we both knew none of us could answer.

Just as we both thought things were at a peak, we heard a knock on our front door. Both of our heads snapped back toward each other in extreme shock wondering again silently if we both equally heard the same knock. Now glancing at the clock in the room at the top of our bed, wide awake we both realize it’s 2:30 in the morning. The stern, loud, and almost demanding knock sounded again.

“Who could that be?” I asked with a touch of fear in my voice.

“I don’t know but this crap is really about to piss me off!!!” She quickly got up and opened our door while turning on the light. When she got out to the kitchen where our front door was, all I heard was the front door open.

I slowly but surely peaked out of the bedroom to find out what was going on. As I was standing there in our bedroom doorway, I watched her step out the front door and close the door behind her. I slowly tiptoed following toward the front door and peered out the front door window. It was a half window and had a pillow case draped over it as our curtain. It was a cheap way of doing things but it got the job done.

I waited as she disappeared down the steps grabbing a stick that was on the ground. I heard her shouting out while walking around the house… hearing things like, “Hello”, “Who are you?”, and “Too chicken shit to come out huh?”.

I was starting to get real nervous myself glancing back in our room at our baby girl chihuahua named Destiny. She must have gotten woke by the light when my wife turned it on, since she was wagging her tail happily hoping to be let out.
Able to see my watch clearly now, I glanced and realized it was quarter to three and we still didn’t have a clue what was going on. My wife came back up the stairs in complete disarray.

“Did you see anything?” I hurriedly asked her before she even got all the way through the door. “What’s going on? Who was it?”

As she came in and shut the door behind her she answered, “I don’t know but this is all bullshit and now I’m pissed!!  She exclaimed. “Whoever had the balls to text you that picture must have thought it was funny to knock on the door and run as well.”

Once again we both heard the radio come on and silently play the song, “Breath 2am” with the lyrics sounding out … 2 AM and she calls me ’cause I’m still awake, Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?, Both of us completely puzzled as our hearts started beating louder and louder like they were begging to be released from the constraints of our chests.

Both of us turned and looked at each other in a disgruntled and confused daze.

“This is starting to get real scary!” I remarked in grave fear while beginning to feel myself tremble.

“Did you hear that?” we both asked each other in unison. “Is this for real?”

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  1. I really enjoyed this. I had no idea you were going in that direction at first, and when the synchronicities began I got reeled in! More please!


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