Bullying in the Bathroom

English: A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Be...
English: A Bully Free Zone sign – School in Berea, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bullying is such a serious factor in today’s schools. I can’t believe how many things you can get bullied on these days. If it’s not your clothes, your hair, your color, your sexual orientation, or your shoes… then it’s your mental capacity. I am in constant battle with my children’s school on this bullying thing. I understand in most cases kids will be kids, but this is getting pure ridiculous!! Repeat offenders just like in the real world should be taught a serious lesson not the kids that are doing everything in their will power to defend themselves with out saying or doing something stupid to get themselves into trouble. I’m not sure whatever I can do to make this clear.
I got bullied a lot in my days, but it was more from a real stupid decision that I made trying to “fit in”. Boy did that follow me all through my high school days. I also got bullied because I was Native American when I was in Elementary. I got my hair pulled, cut, caught on fire, and so many other things done to my books or clothes. I didn’t have much for parents around at the time and the teachers never really took care into my situations. So I had to find other ways on my own to deal with these situations. Sure I went and told on the kids and sure I went through the office visits to make my point clear, but for some reason… it never stuck.

I now have a school that at this point I’m stuck with, that doesn’t seem to put much into justice into these bullies in their school. I have told them repeatedly about the same people picking on my kid and it seems now that they are in the “older” school… it doesn’t matter as much. The excuses are we have only so many people to handle this or your child brings it on them self, or the best one “I will get around to that when I can”. So elementary is the only time in a child’s life that bullying matters so much that the bullies themselves actually get what’s coming to them? Maybe it was the principal putting that much care and heart into the situation? I sure do miss the elementary school principal my son had. At least she took matters seriously! She actually called me back during these times and took care of the situations promptly and even had the courtesy to let me know when it was all taken care of.

Now this principal he has just doesn’t seem to have the same care and responsibility to these situations that the other one did. I have to write emails and call constantly to make my point clear. I’ve even gone up to the school and threatened the cops on them with lawsuits if they didn’t manage these kids. I feel that when we drop off our kids to the school, they have the responsibility to take care of the children PERIOD!!! If they can’t… well then they need to contact parents and find someone who can. Not punish the ones being picked on. It shouldn’t matter if the child has a “rap sheet” already from the past. It should matter that the child is working on their behavior and showing improvement until… oh what do you know… Mr bully feels it’s important to look or act cool and completely ruin the child’s day.

5th grade is a tough time for any child, but for one that’s never been in real school… it’s definitely a whole new world. There are more challenges outside of everything else they were encountering before. Especially when the child is Emotionally Disabled. The sad part is even after the meets and greets and emails… it’s like that information goes right out the window. If you know a child had problems with their emotions and you know that a child is doing their best to make the best of an already scary situation, then why not take them seriously when they come to you and tell you; Mr repeat offender is at it again? Why look for reasons of the child’s past to say, “well you should be more careful”?

Again I understand kids will be kids… don’t get me wrong! I also understand adults need to be adults!!! There’s a responsibility to being an adult. This is especially when you are getting paid to sit there and be responsible for all these kids. That’s why you were hired! That’s why you carry the title! That’s why all these parents trust their “darling” children to you under your care in your building on your hours!!!! Just standing back and making excuses because of the child with a rap sheet and disability is plain LAZINESS!!!

For instance, a child is going to the bathroom and already been picked on during that day but so far handing it well. Now, Mr bully and his crowd come in (with out adults knowledge) and kick open the stall door to which the child is standing going to the bathroom, and start calling names. Once mr bully and his gang are told to stop by said child, they proceed to flicker the lights on and off in the bathroom and scream “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” and shut the door and hold it tight so the said child can’t get out. Now of course the child is in panic mode and begins all intelligence and emotional stance to get out of the bathroom. This includes slamming themselves repeatedly into the door screaming, “Let me Out”.

Most adults when being told about this situation, would take each child aside and ask what happened and come up with a logical explanation while deciding the punishment for all children involved. Most adults would notice the wording and behavior of Mr bully and his gang and attempt correct actions to keep this under control and take actions for it not to happen again… right? Well, not this adult. Nope. It seems to be more intelligent to blame said child while not listening to him as to what happened in the bathroom and tell him he’s not being a good sport since “it’s all a game”. WTF????

Where did we hire these kind of people from? The sad part is… these offenses and occurrences happen quite commonly with the same people and there’s always type of excuse or reason that the situation is not dealt with properly. How do we parents handle these things? The said child is already having problems with people accepting the fact that he’s “different”. Differences shouldn’t matter regardless of reason or details so I’m not stating why said child is different, but what kind of person stands back and blames the said child using their handicap as an excuse to allow mr bully and his gang to continue hassling this child?

All the phone calls, personal visits, and emails in the world can’t and won’t change a thing for our children if we can’t even trust that the elected officials we have put in these offices will do the job we elected them to do. Now we have to trust our precious children to these people? We can be all kinds of responsible, but if we are acting alone in this venture… it’s pointless right? I am a very persistent BITCH when it comes to my children and always will be!!! I will not put up with this complete insolence that our schools keeping giving excuses for!!!! I have a problem with taking no or “I can’t” for an answer from anyone!!!! I don’t care if you are 5 years of age or 95 years of age!!!! There’s no excuse for stupidity and any adult acting this way towards any child for any reason of their age, sex, nationality, rap sheet, mentality, or orientation is completely unacceptable!!!! I grew up in a home where “can’t” wasn’t word. I don’t say it and I won’t let my kids say it. You can do anything you put your mind to!!!  I can and will always be a BITCH when it comes to my children and if that means bringing the law into it, by golly I will!!!!

Bullying is wrong on any standpoint and I won’t put up with it!!! I didn’t when I was a kid and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let me own child go through it!!!! Let me voice be heard!!!!!