The Ultimate Satisfaction

Smile 12 a
Smile 12 a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok so there’s this ultimate satisfaction knowing way down deep that you are the one that made that customer smile. I worked a job for 2 years and heard customers quite often tell me that they were impressed with me and I was great with people. I heard people say front desk people don’t get tipped, but I got them quite often. I lived daily to clock in and make someone smile. Weather is was going out of my way for a moment to hold a door, haul luggage, or just make sure they were close to the elevator. I loved seeing another person happy! However; I never did get any type of “pat on the back” from my supervisor. Every blue moon my manager would say something nice. I think in two years, I heard it 3 times. I am not sure if that bad or good, but I know from the customers that I did my job well when I was there.

I do have a new job now though. I have noticed what employee appreciation is. I actually heard my superior employee and manager say within my first month that they were LUCKY to have me and that I definitely knew what I was doing. WOW! In my first month. . . who could have guessed. I was actually informed that guests were already speaking highly of me and thanking me for everything I did for them. Even if it was just being kind to them. I know for a fact you can change any person’s day just by giving them a smile, a compliment, or a suggestion of great service somewhere. I thought this was normal to be honest; however I am learning quickly that not everyone is so full of energy and positive reactions for the customers. I am noticing a lot of situations where I don’t get treated as a customer like I treat others.

So within a month, I’m informed I’m great with people and good at what I do!! That was definitely a picker upper. I mean it’s kind of expected from your family and hoped from the customers, but when you hear good stuff from your employer or superior directly? Oh boy!!!

So is this so out there to think, “hey I deserve to be treated well”? I am not talking about being treated like a prince or a princess, but what happened to the smiles, the compliments, the basics of “please” and “thank you”? Honest criticism? What happened to holding open doors and helping with luggage? What happened to everybody makes mistakes.. move on and be understanding? I guess I’m just old-fashioned or something.

Well old-fashioned or not.. I do teach my children the same thing that I do and I do award them for replicating that behavior. I teach them to hold doors, respect elderly, understand the disabled, smile for no reason, compliment because you can, and over all just enjoy what you do no-matter what!!!

English: Blue Rose "APPLAUSE" 日本語: 青...
English: Blue Rose “APPLAUSE” 日本語: 青い薔薇 「アプローズ」 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)